Time is spinnin’ very fast and leave me nothing to keep as a good so called memory. New year, new life, new circumstance and new hope??

Some thing are better left unspoken, that’s what I think. But it will really kill you deep inside and change the way you are. It change your faith, and the way you live your life..well at least it yaaa, it affect me that way.

I had drawn myself into strict timeline for me to go on with my life. And I wont let anything to hold me back for what I want , and what I planned to do. I only give certain thing a chance, and if it hurt me, I will forever let it go. I cant take a risk to fool myself for years and years just to be a so called sweety-doodie, and wasting my time.

I have enough. And it getting weird everyday, and I have no answer for what happen. So I don’t wanna give any damn care anymore.

Peace be with you..:)

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