Finally, shes married..

Daphne Iking..

Yaaa…She’s (and i think the one n only) Malaysian artist i ever love.

For me, she’s has everything, a girl wish they have. She’s pretty, famous and have the romantic love from her newly wed hubby..

Well i havent get her wedding pic just yet, but yeaah..i’ll get it somehow..I saw her wedding pic in Bali in HELLO!, and she was(well still is) stunning with her white wedding gown. It was just simple gown, i mean not a Victoria style gown, but it look so beautiful wid her. Well she’s beautiful anyway..:)

I luv the Yam Seng pic..Well Daphne use some kind of wine to replace the rice wine, we usually use for yam seng part for a traditional Kadazan Dusun wedding..:)

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