“Remember man that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return.”

Ash Wednesday..

Went to church last nite, celebrate the Ash Wednesday. Well, believe or not, im really taken into the mass for the whole 40 minutes. It feel so good, being there with my empty mind, dun have to think about what else to do after finish this, will they like it, how much time do I have to accomplish…

I was just there, deeply peaceful.

Well brought up in a strict Catholic family, affect me in my life now. Ummm..well, im not really A GOOD person, but I still have my strong faith in Him. Escaping Church is what I always do. A lot of reasons will I give not to attend Sunday mass. BAD isn’t it?

But, I always believe that appearance, or how we conduct our life is not WHAT is deep inside us. I believe even a murderer or a drug addict or a gangster still has a good value in their heart. I am not talking ALL of them, but mebbe some of them..

A life never promises me a good ending.

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