Life is like a total stranger to me now. I wouldn’t know where should I go and where I am heading to. It getting awkward everyday and I am starting to wonder, where and how it would be ending.

I just try to make my life into its fullest. I’m not asking too much in my life, just some smiles, love and happiness. Hmmmm..too much?

I place myself into something I am not sure of, and it kills me inside to know that it’s not really that wroth, when suddenly fact knocks me to my foot. Again, I swallow the reality and put aside the strange feeling, pretend to be normal, and keep on living.

It’s kinda strange and hard for me, but, who am I to decide. I have to change the little girl inside me to a sturdy being, who can take everything, who can decide with confidence, who will never shed a tear for a small thing.

But… I still hope it is me…i really wish..

Where should I begin?

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