Month: April 2007

a nite tale

The night remain unnaturally quiet
With a pale moon, shining through the trees
And I saw you smile,
Amazingly gorgeous, absolutely dazzling

Your eyes utter a story your mouth cannot speak,
Gracefully dazed by the beauty
God created in front of you..
And I thought those smile that day was mine,

I was too naïve
Not to see what’s behind the curtain,
Not to realize a beauty queen will win..

And it was then I realize,
You just take away my life,
With long pale sword ,
Thin enough to slip between a pair of ribs,
Yet stout enough to hack through
The hardest amour..

My head whipped around as I tried
To find my way
And watching you
Allowing yourself enjoying my pain

I locked myself in my own world since then
So afraid to open the door,

It was said “love until it hurt”
But I tell you..
It is not only hurting,
But it killing..


mummy says….

Take your plate into the kitchen,please.
Take it downstairs when you go
Is this yours?
Don’t hit your brother
I’m talking to you
Just a minute,please,can’t you see i’m talking?
i said don’t interrupt
Did you brush your teeth?
Take this, it’s good for your.
What are you doing out of bed?
what do you mean, there’s nothing to do?
Get off the phone.
Tell your friend you’ll call her back.Right now!
Take a jacket.Take a sweater.
Do you realize you could kill someone?
Hurry up.Everyone is waiting..Hurry Up!!
i mean it!
I said , stop it!
That’s it.We’re going home.
Give me a kiss.
I need a hug.
Set the table. I need you to set the table!
You don’t get always get what you want .That’s life.
Don’t argue with me.I’m not discussing it anymore.Go to your room!
Stop yelling.If you want to ask me something,come here. STOP YELLING!
I’ll think about it. Not now.
Ask your father.
We’ll see.
Calm down and start over.
Don’t you think your pants is too short?
You are not going out with that shirt..go change!
Out?which friend?where?when?how long?why? ..Home before 6 oclock.
Don’t you think you are too young for that?
When will you finaly realize that you a a big girl already?
Young lady don’t laugh that way.
Do not stare!
When i say no, i mean it.Do i make myself clear?
Girl don’t mix with boys too much!!
you need some punishment young lady!
im sorry that’s the sorry that’s the sorry that’s the rule…..

Somehow miss them 😀

My Justin..

i might a little bit crazy about him..but just cant help it..
I do really love this concert….
Yaa..everything about him will be LOVE..from me..hahahah

IF i fall

This is for the ones who believe their lives won’t change
Hoping that someday things will mend and be the same
This is for the ones who have lost it all when all that’s left to gain
Is a simple reminder that the things that were blind to slip away…

So close yet so far

Sometimes we should know when to walk away, when to give up hope and when not to turn back again.

It’s when all the attempt fail. When you’ve try very hard to win it, but silence and stiffness had played a great role.

When all conversation rejected, you know where you should stand.

When you try to smile, and all you get is a lazy look.

And finally, when you finally realize ‘so close yet so far ..’ is true…