Month: September 2008

A Second Chance for Chrome :)

Greetings all,

After years of mounting speculations, Google has finally entered the browser war by releasing Google Chrome – a browser that combines minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the Web faster, safer and easier. Google Chrome which is still in beta is currently only available for Windows and a Mac version will be released within the next few months.

Google Chrome has received lots of attention in the Web design and development industry. It has become yet another browser for us to test our sites in, but given that it is based on the Webkit engine (same rendering engine used by Safari), most compliant sites will render perfectly. There are also several developer tools included in Google Chrome like the Web Inspector that allows you to view DOM elements and the JavaScript Debugger. If you are a Web designer or developer, it is worth checking Chrome’s FAQ for web developers.

It is still too early to forecast what share Google Chrome will have on the browser market, but statistics so far shows that it has been embraced by tech-savvy users only.


Ahmad Permessur

Ba, issit true that this new Google Chrome really as Charming as claimed?
Hmm personally, im not that so-into-chrome..I already uninstall it from my notebook 1 months ago..errr…:P..My IE crash after i install it..not sure y..maybe my IE version, or could it be other reason..i havent tried to find the solution yet..:P

But..ITs cool actually..hehe..only that, i need to work on again with my CSS design on my web, as it ‘run’ a bit when i test it tru Google Chrome..Still, i think im gonna give it a chance, hehe…i will try to love google chrome once again, and who knows I might end up with it, err..nop..i still love Firefox most..:P..

Long Live Firefox!!

Dusun Language


Well, we (the families) were having discussion about Dusun Language, for my cousin to complete her phD thesis on linguistic. I finally realize that KadazanDusun language is very complicated, and shame on me, i never really understand the language. The tenses, the vocab, the everything, i am a looser in my own language. Starting to learn about it tho, and it takes times, but at least, someday i can fluently speak in my own language.

Something to share here, a conclusion of our discussion, quite interesting:

These sentences:

1) maai noddi pogiiso dot pinolikud
2) kinagasan o longon do potolikud.

Do the two sentences mean, the hands were tied at the back, or the hands were tied and the person was hung with his back facing the audience?


3) ponuhuai noddi’d minooi panangkap

What does ponuhuai really mean? Somebody ordered somebody else to catch a person?

What’s the difference between:

ponuhuan, ponuhuai and posuhuon.


Maai noddi pogiiso dot pinolikud.(Potolikud?)

Being hung with his back to the audience.

Kinagasan ot longon dot potolikud:

Hands tied behind his back.

Ponuhuan : An order.Somebody ordered somebody else to catch a person.

Ponuhuai : To tell somebody to order somebody else to catch a person.

Posuhuon :i) You were told to catch the person but you delegate the task to somebody else.
ii) being fed (eg. food) through the mouth.

Interesting rite?:)

Mama mia



Me and Kuyung run for this movie last saturday after waiting for 4 months!The waiting worth…the movie was splendidly made…the songs are all so very nice, and we sing along during the movie..fuh…its a first class!!!

The story:
20 year old Sophie (Seyfried) is preparing to marry her boyfriend Sky (Cooper) at her mother’s hotel on an island in Greece. She seemingly has it all — a carefree life, a loving fiance, and happy friends — but one thing has been missing all her life: a father.

Her only wish now is to be given away by her dad at her wedding. By reading her mother’s diary she discovers that she has three possible fathers. Sophie then secretly invites all three men to the wedding in a desperate bid to discover which of them is her father before the wedding bells start to chime!

But not all goes according to plan: old loves are re-kindled, new loves are formed, and Sophie risks everything to discover the true identity of her father.

Featuring the songs of ABBA, and based on the world’s number one musical comedy which has people dancing in the aisles every night, this movie is sure to be the hit of Summer 2008!

Cast: Merly Streep,Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard,Julis Waltars,
Domonic Cooper,Anamda Seyfried and Christine brandsky..they are all so awesome!

Wind beneath my wings…

It must have been cold there in my shadow,
to never have sunlight on your face.
You were content to let me shine, that’s your way.
You always walked a step behind.

So I was the one with all the glory,
while you were the one with all the strength.
A beautiful face without a name for so long.
A beautiful smile to hide the pain.

Did you ever know that you’re my hero,
and everything I would like to be?
I can fly higher than an eagle,
’cause you are the wind beneath my wings.

It might have appeared to go unnoticed,
but I’ve got it all here in my heart.
I want you to know I know the truth, of course I know it.
I would be nothing without you.

This song…..I dedicated it to my late grandpa..who will always be my hero, the greatest man in the world..

Even tho his is no longer with me in this world, but his presence always everywhere. I am so grateful to have him to love me..I know he knows how much he is so dear to me…I miss you so dearly grandpa….

Where’s the answer gone…?


Image persistence, pressure mark, or water mark??

My client, they are now complaining about some of the directory panel has some ‘mark’ on it..
Checking it, i have no idea, how it can occur in LCD..
(…This will cause the LCD monitor’s crystals to create a memory for their location in order to generate the colours of that graphic. Once a different colour is displayed in the same location the colour will be off from what it should be and there will be a faint or clearly visible ghost image of what was previously displayed on the monitor…)

im trying to figure out how to fix the Image persistence in the LCD, so strange cuz the LCD shouldnt have that mark..i mean from the spec i was given, image persistence shouldn’t be permanent..There is no “burn-in” in LCD screens, arguments to the
contrary based on the black/grey bars on standard definition TV on LCD
screens notwithstanding.

But now confuse, issit an image persistence or pressure mark? ah! i dont know, but…i still have to solve it…:(

then come out another thought, was it watermark? Then i should open up the film between the glass?but issit really watermark?will it worth the trouble..

hmm…for now what i can do is just a simple method to get rid of the mark, means that i will put white background and switch on the panel for few days..err..maybe..Thats the only logic i can think of now..
(..Running the screen with a single solid colour or bright white for an extended period of time will cause all of the crystals to be reset at a single colour setting and erases any previous image persistence except maybe in those extreme cases…)

Hope my case is not the extreme cases tho..haih…

A me…

00:02 am

Not sleepy went to this blog and pushing some content in :)..
Well im not sure what to write, since i have a very boring day today, but yea, at least another day pass..

This week i will be stationed at Sunway pyramid. Finalized the project for the handover…hmm yayyy, i will handover yet another project and it will lessen my burden. But another project awaiting..err..let me take a deeep..deep breath first…:)..

I watched LOVE GURU just now, well actually i watch it because of my JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is that i found out its very nice and funny, not only with JT but all of them..Jesica Alba was stunningly beauuutifulll and sexy..hmm imagining i am having a HOT body like her..hehe…

Talking about body, a bit worried, I AM GAINING weight!!!..So worried, so afraid i cant be as before..err..what should i do..i cant stop mee…

Another 3 months to go..and ill be backkk..i miss home so dearly….

Eh me back…:)

Monday 1:28am.. back to the blog..
Yea doesn’t really have time to check my blog lately, yea usual reason : Im stuck with my work..ahah..

The work really drive me crazy..I havent completed 2 projects, which have to be delivered by this week..haih..bosan..eheh..but no choice, have to start the working day tomorrow,

Whats going on l ately..hmm let me think..besides my tight schedule on work, i am enjoying life as well :P..Movies n makan makan is a must with my friends..ayiaa…talking about makan makan, i am gaining weight!!..OMG..errr… ah..

Then im a bit busy with Majlis Makan Malam Amal MSM, which successfully ended last nite..yea, happy when all finally goes smoothly.
Will upload the rest of the pic later, mengantuk already..:D..

Three of us with Tan Sri
yayy…Wid Infinatez…They r Coooooooollll…Bravo guys!

Don was trying to show his hp cam is ‘sharp’..Err if ur sumandak nampak u r dead!LOL
When the dinner ended..fuhh…Three of us with Beatrice n Evlyn
Kwang..kwang..kwang…Onong n Boy…mesra la kunun tu..

Yay me n Little cutie Pooja…