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Not sleepy yet..so went to this blog and pushing some content in :)..
Well im not sure what to write, since i have a very boring day today, but yea, at least another day pass..

This week i will be stationed at Sunway pyramid. Finalized the project for the handover…hmm yayyy, i will handover yet another project and it will lessen my burden. But another project awaiting..err..let me take a deeep..deep breath first…:)..

I watched LOVE GURU just now, well actually i watch it because of my JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE is in..hehe..now that i found out its very nice and funny, not only with JT but all of them..Jesica Alba was stunningly beauuutifulll and sexy..hmm wait..im imagining i am having a HOT body like her..hehe…

Talking about body, err..im a bit worried, I AM GAINING weight!!!..So worried, so afraid i cant be as before..err..what should i do..i cant stop eating..help mee…

Another 3 months to go..and ill be backkk..i miss home so dearly….

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