Image persistence, pressure mark, or water mark??

My client, they are now complaining about some of the directory panel has some ‘mark’ on it..
Checking it, i have no idea, how it can occur in LCD..
(…This will cause the LCD monitor’s crystals to create a memory for their location in order to generate the colours of that graphic. Once a different colour is displayed in the same location the colour will be off from what it should be and there will be a faint or clearly visible ghost image of what was previously displayed on the monitor…)

im trying to figure out how to fix the Image persistence in the LCD, so strange cuz the LCD shouldnt have that mark..i mean from the spec i was given, image persistence shouldn’t be permanent..There is no “burn-in” in LCD screens, arguments to the
contrary based on the black/grey bars on standard definition TV on LCD
screens notwithstanding.

But now confuse, issit an image persistence or pressure mark? ah! i dont know, but…i still have to solve it…:(

then come out another thought, was it watermark? Then i should open up the film between the glass?but issit really watermark?will it worth the trouble..

hmm…for now what i can do is just a simple method to get rid of the mark, means that i will put white background and switch on the panel for few days..err..maybe..Thats the only logic i can think of now..
(..Running the screen with a single solid colour or bright white for an extended period of time will cause all of the crystals to be reset at a single colour setting and erases any previous image persistence except maybe in those extreme cases…)

Hope my case is not the extreme cases tho..haih…

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