Well, we (the families) were having discussion about Dusun Language, for my cousin to complete her phD thesis on linguistic. I finally realize that KadazanDusun language is very complicated, and shame on me, i never really understand the language. The tenses, the vocab, the everything, i am a looser in my own language. Starting to learn about it tho, and it takes times, but at least, someday i can fluently speak in my own language.

Something to share here, a conclusion of our discussion, quite interesting:

These sentences:

1) maai noddi pogiiso dot pinolikud
2) kinagasan o longon do potolikud.

Do the two sentences mean, the hands were tied at the back, or the hands were tied and the person was hung with his back facing the audience?


3) ponuhuai noddi’d minooi panangkap

What does ponuhuai really mean? Somebody ordered somebody else to catch a person?

What’s the difference between:

ponuhuan, ponuhuai and posuhuon.


Maai noddi pogiiso dot pinolikud.(Potolikud?)

Being hung with his back to the audience.

Kinagasan ot longon dot potolikud:

Hands tied behind his back.

Ponuhuan : An order.Somebody ordered somebody else to catch a person.

Ponuhuai : To tell somebody to order somebody else to catch a person.

Posuhuon :i) You were told to catch the person but you delegate the task to somebody else.
ii) being fed (eg. food) through the mouth.

Interesting rite?:)

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  1. good that ur cousin doing phd about this ^_^ ini adalah usaha utk memulihara our culture and language!! way to go!! ermm..hi mandak, bersedia ja lah utk pasrah k ^_^ BBKK!!!

  2. Manatau moyang2 kami dulu ada affair, ada lagi talian..nah, pasrah lagi ko jgn lupa tau tu order sy sama kuyung…abis ko kana timbakan kata2 c kuyung..hahah

  3. hi there Tata, terjumpa tis your blog… very interesting!

    you spell the dusun words in a very concise latinized sound.. sampai sy pun WOW! dusun can be tis cool! (all the best with your intention of learning the language. kopiinsanangan.

  4. Interesting post here..
    Let discuss this on the linguist point of view (kunun lah hehehehe)

    One word interest me -ponuhuan.
    base word / root word : suhu

    1. Au ih Gutuk mumboyo dit ponuhuan (pinonohuan) di tama dau. (Prefix and suffix – "po" and "an")- order (Noun)
    2. Suhuo gia ih Gutuk do moi podsu. (suffix "o")-ask (verb)
    3. Sinuhu di Gomok ih Gutuk do momolositik balabak sapi.(Prefix "Si") – Asked/ordered (verb -past)
    4. Au nabayaan ih Gutuk monumboyo di suhu tama dau. (root word) – order (noun)
    5. Kogoruk ih Gutuk nga babaal kam om minumboyo dit pinonuhuan tama dau. (Prefix "pino" and "an")- the order (noun phrase)
    6. Monuhu ih Gutuk do mongingutu dilo gobuk. (Prefix – "Mo") verb past – ordered/asked

    This is on the humouric side of the discussion. 🙂

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