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After years of mounting speculations, Google has finally entered the browser war by releasing Google Chrome – a browser that combines minimal design with sophisticated technology to make the Web faster, safer and easier. Google Chrome which is still in beta is currently only available for Windows and a Mac version will be released within the next few months.

Google Chrome has received lots of attention in the Web design and development industry. It has become yet another browser for us to test our sites in, but given that it is based on the Webkit engine (same rendering engine used by Safari), most compliant sites will render perfectly. There are also several developer tools included in Google Chrome like the Web Inspector that allows you to view DOM elements and the JavaScript Debugger. If you are a Web designer or developer, it is worth checking Chrome’s FAQ for web developers.

It is still too early to forecast what share Google Chrome will have on the browser market, but statistics so far shows that it has been embraced by tech-savvy users only.


Ahmad Permessur

Ba, issit true that this new Google Chrome really as Charming as claimed?
Hmm personally, im not that so-into-chrome..I already uninstall it from my notebook 1 months ago..errr…:P..My IE crash after i install it..not sure y..maybe my IE version, or could it be other reason..i havent tried to find the solution yet..:P

But..ITs cool actually..hehe..only that, i need to work on again with my CSS design on my web, as it ‘run’ a bit when i test it tru Google Chrome..Still, i think im gonna give it a chance, hehe…i will try to love google chrome once again, and who knows I might end up with it, err..nop..i still love Firefox most..:P..

Long Live Firefox!!

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