Daddy said he loves his little Jenny so much,
And Jenny love him too, jenny missed him too..
Jenny pray that everyday daddy will kiss jenny goodnight,
Daddy will sing a lullaby for Jenny..
And tucked Jenny to bed..
But God never answer Jenn’s prayers..
Daddy still says he loved his little Jenny…

Daddy Daddy Daddy don’t go…
Daddy stare and hug jenny, he kissed and it feel so good,
So safe in Daddy’s arms..
But Daddy let go and walk away..Daddy didn’t look back..

Jenny wants Daddy
Jenny wants to bake a beautiful cake on Daddy’s birthday
Jenny ask Mommy to write a poem to Daddy
That ended ‘Jenny loves Daddy with all her heart..Daddy please stay’
Jenny saw a tears in Mommy’s eye..

20 years had passed, Jenny forget how to love Daddy
Maybe Jenny used without Daddy
Maybe Jenny love being with little Dala-Dala
And jenny erase Daddy from memory..

And one day, Daddy come home
Daddy said Daddy love his little Jenny
Daddy wants his little Jenny,
Jenny hug Daddy, jenny kissed Daddy
Jenny hates so much to bring back the memory
Jenny wants so bad to say Jenny love Daddy
But Jenny didn’t..Jenny walk away, jenny didn’t look back,
It hurt so much when Jenny didn’t say the words jenny wants to say badly..
Jenny loves Daddy….
But Jenny knows,
Daddy didn’t love Jenny alone,
He loves Brenda more, Daddy’s little angel…
Daddy leave, cause Daddy loves Brenda more…

Daddy Daddy Daddy, if only Jenny knows before..
Jenny wont spend 20 years trying to figure out why Daddy don’t love Jenny….


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