Month: March 2009

So You Think I Can’t Dance?!

How i wish i could dance by the mean of Really can dance like a pro!:)
Well maybe im just not born to be a dancer, like those in ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ show, but pssst, being a very eager and stubborn someone, i still want to check how it is to see me dancing like a pro!

Well not a problem. I found this and i actually can make my own!Haha..Funny and Cool…Try Yourself!

Check Mine !

FREE SOFTWARE From Microsoft

Yes, as the title clearly mention it..Microsoft for free!

Its quite hard to believe that there is a FREE term in Microsoft, but yea, its TRUE.
Dreamspark is a download center for microsoft FREE software,but hay, wait…Its for learning purposes only, where student and teachers (worldwide) are being able to download these softwares. Every 12 months, student will be needed to veryfy their student status, and for those students under 18, parents will need to signup to accept the user agreement.

So for those who haven’t get their school enrolled to this beautiful programme, please give this link to maybe teacher or administrator, so that they can do their part, linking the school to this programme.

Personally, i kinda love microsoft for this :)..encouraging the young people to learn, and not restricted because of the software’s price…People, take advantage of these, don’t waste it..

And Ya taking about Free Microsoft Software, isn’t it cool if we can have a very nice laptop bag, you know, for ladies, a bright colour, nice shapes and all. Instead of just the plain black laptop bag..Going out with very nice laptop bag will start a beautiful shopping day! Yayy..!

The boulevard of our dream..

Nothing compares to the tale last night,
When the light we hold finally fading…
When the path of our blissful love, waning…
Leave a thousand questions
Unuttered, unanswered…
We leave it, alone…

We talk, we stray..
We put the time freezing, with the story of our unwordable tale..
We try to mend the path, that is broken
But we failed..

Should i adore the moment,
When we finally decide,
Or should i cry for the thousand memories
That will be buried deep inside our broken dreams…

Call me selfish, call me anything
Im tired to carry so many sad stories on my shoulder,
I am just too weak to carry the weight of the world,
How can i bear the feeling, to see the tears from the angel who brought me to this world,
How can i even smile when my heart aching painfully,
to let those beautiful hands hugging me, begging me to stay…

Tell me how can i choose the boulevard of our dreams,
when the other path,
They are crying in pain….

Aint Life beautiful …sometimes

A bad day , i should call it today..

It was raining heavily this morning, having me stuck on traffic jam for hours. I cant even see the road was going tru as the rain REALLY crazy!..

I was out of energy when i reach office. I was REALLY hungry…I mean REALLY..I was late, but i dont care, i need to grab something for breakfast.

Passing our thumbprint security door, the receptionist give me 2 meeting appointments, and 3 calls to follow up. yea right..Taking a deep breath, i went upstairs..

Havent get my butt on my chair, my office phone ringing..Oh its my clients complaining about the support team havent get back to them on some issue..Hmmm…Make my promising voice, i assure them that my support team will look into the matter by today..

I was quite pissed off, as the issue suppose to be settled by yesterday..I intercom ALL my support team, and NOONE answer…Yeah rite…

Its almost 11am, and i was just about to REALLY get something for my hungry stomach, and my boss intercom me. Went in his room, urgent meeting need to attend and i need to prepare software documentation on it..WHAT??I mean in a few minutes???

He doesnt care..

Went back to my desk, with so much hatred in my heart, i started to type the best technical writing i can ever think of. It was hard, trust me, it was really hard! I havent really study the system, and need me to do software review on it.Its like giving a recipe without ever know whats the ingredients are..

Went for the meeting..Interesting part begin! The meeting all conducted in Chinese! Good…i waste my time there..

3 hours later, the China meeting ended, went back to office. Continue my system testing, as we need to deploy 20 Signages by next week.

The other boss come in, interrupt me. Asking on the other web portal project, he need the documentation by NOW. I was staring blankly at him..I am doing the system testing and i cant stop now..But HE DOESNT CARE!

I was so very hungry, im out of energy and i am full with hatred! Went back to my desk, and start typing all the documentation he needed.All with ‘i hate you’ words i put it in white text colour.

6 oclock, hurry went back home.Rushing to my car..


I forget to switched off my car lite and my car run out of battery!!!!!!!!!!!

I really almost cry..i wanna scream…

Calling my collq to do jump start, but unfortunately my battery just DEAD..

Buying new one, cost me RM140.

Good…All bad things had all in my lucky day from now on…

Fragance The Pampering One..

Monday blue, start working and i feel really unmotivated for work..Open up my laptop and starting to stare blankly on all my LIST TO DO, sent by my bosses clients and myself..

I was very late just now, and i forget where i actually put my ‘mobile’ fragrance, so went to office without any. What to motivate me today? My Nina Ricci Perfume!

Yea, believe it or not, ‘she’ is my kind of motivator, when i am down, or need something to push me to do my never ending task. A good fragrance indeed can make my day, its actually instantly recreates the experience associated with the scent. And what was mine? Hmm…:)..

Well im not really expert in combination of flowers of whatever to make this Nina Ricci’s very powerful scent, but, as long as it doesn’t makes my sensitive skin itchy after i apply it, then im satisfied. Plus the very romantic and pampering scent, how can i ever say NO to it. 🙂
Had it all over me, and of course my office floor, i feel like all encouraged! Starting to list down what to do first, after this blog of course :)..

Operating System?

Well finally i actually keep a journal about my working thingy, where i place all the thing that i need to refer in my everyday task. Its indeed saving lots of my time to google it all over again, or search the bookmark that i always forget what i named it :)..

Always and forever :)…When i giving a technical presentation about our system, usually people will ALWAYS ask what is LINUX (since our System is using LINUX), why use LINUX, whats the different of using LINUX instead of Window?

And worst, when i started to say ‘our OS platform is using LINUX’…There will be an interruption..’What is OS?’…

Yea, people comes from different background, where our knowledge is more to certain field. I did not expect everyone to know what is OS, or what is LINUX or even what is Cat5 cable..Cuz for me it might be my everyday ‘meal’ but for those in different field, it might sound weird..Same like when doctors or farmer, use a term that i never heard before, i will give the same reaction like them ..:)

Check out on explanation on what is Operating system and the benefit of Linux here 🙂

Raped and killed for being a lesbian: South Africa ignores ‘corrective’ attacks

This is the worst thing i ever come to read today..Corrective attacks????Oh Please!..

The partially clothed body of Eudy Simelane, former star of South Africa’s acclaimed Banyana Banyana national female football squad, was found in a creek in a park in Kwa Thema, on the outskirts of Johannesburg. Simelane had been gang-raped and brutally beaten before being stabbed 25 times in the face, chest and legs. As well as being one of South Africa’s best-known female footballers, Simelane was a voracious equality rights campaigner and one of the first women to live openly as a lesbian in Kwa Thema.

Read More Please >>

Check out the video as well when this bloody-stupid-ugly man giving his-oh-so-brilliant opinion about their right to rape and kill lesbians to fix them??? That is so judging!!

Let them be…Lesbians, Gay, or straight, we are all human…there is no right for any of us to be treated like that..Then what are they to brutally rape and kill, AN ANGEL? A SAVIOR?GOD???????????!!!!

4-year-old boy saves mother’s life with calm thinking and 911 call..


4-year-old Thornton boy’s calm thinking helped save his mother’s life two weeks ago, according to rescuers.

Thomas “T.J.” Roller called 9-1-1 on Feb. 18 to explain that his mother, Jennifer Roller, had collapsed on the floor while making him lunch, according to the dispatch tapes released Monday.

Today, he will meet with Adams County dispatcher Jason Vigil and emergency personnel who quickly arrived at the home near 118th Avenue and Monroe Street.

On the tape, in a calm tone of voice, T.J. says to Vigil, “My mommy’s sick. Can you please come over here?”

Vigil asks the boy to check whether his mother was breathing, and the child politely asks him again to come over.

“I’m going to send my friends out there to help you,” Vigil replies in a friendly tone, “but don’t hang up on me, OK?”

Jennifer Roller made a full recovery, but her medical condition was not released by the city. She could not immediately be reached for comment.

The Thornton City Council plans to issue a resolution honoring T.J., said spokeswoman Lisa Wilson.

…..:) so cute….

Remote Control…Remote Access

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I was struggling doing my company website for the past 2 months. It really takes a lot of my time as i am the only one developing it, with more than a dozen to critics! Huh, luckily i got my designer to design it, and i was just do the coding and all..

It took me so long to finish even 1 page, as i am not doing the website development alone. Its like a ‘part time ’ task, yet has strict due. .When i was just about to start doing it in the office, millions of other things will suddenly being threw on my desk, with a note: URGENT or HIGH PRIORITY. Or 2 minutes notice on meeting a client. It really makes things really hard to complete as i had scheduled.

As me and the designer have limited time to discuss and meet, all our task usually will be put in our server. But i can only start doing my website when i am at home. And as the designer is actually doing his master degree, he usually go back early for a class a few days a week. So in summary we always have to work separately.

Finally i install TeamViewer in my server, as well as both me and the designer laptop, so we can work anywhere anytime, yet still can access our office server. And of course it does really make my life easier. I don’t have to download or save everything into my laptop anymore.

TeamViewer is an open source software to establishes connections to any PC or server all around the world within just a few seconds. You can remote control your partner’s PC as if you were sitting right in front of it.
Well its a great freeware software to take control on other PC. We can browse everything inside the PC,or view on what the other person is viewing on his/her PC as long as we already install it to that PC, and get the ID for it, and we just connect using that ID.

In my other project, i use OpenVPN to remote viewing all my projects and server, even each screen. But its quite complicated thingy, as it need to generate certificate, and setting up the ip and all. Its more secure for a big project, yet too complicated for just basic use.

Me monitoring what’s being displayed at our digital signage network in Pyramid with VPN

Well ladies, want to know what’s your boyfriendhusband up to late at night in front of his PC? Try TeamViewer, you will ‘understand’ him more! Hahaha…