Recession, yeah who love it..None..

As an opensource lover, Linux admirer, and DigitalSignage devotee, i found this quite-long-but-cute 🙂 article really actually list down all the freeware software we should take advantage with..

My favorite words: ‘Why need to pay when we can get free and even better software..?’ 🙂

Check it out guys..

Dealing with Recession – Saving Money With…

6 Comments on Dealing with Recession – Saving Money With…

  1. hah, nice one. Why pay when u can get 1 for free rite? :p….oh yeah, u are a programmer rite?…well can be my sifu?..i learn a bit of programming, need sifu as a reference…

  2. hihi..tq. 1st request, ko ada list command list for linux nda?…want to use terminal :)..saya guna mint, cuba google tapi skit ja dapat.

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