Well finally i actually keep a journal about my working thingy, where i place all the thing that i need to refer in my everyday task. Its indeed saving lots of my time to google it all over again, or search the bookmark that i always forget what i named it :)..

Always and forever :)…When i giving a technical presentation about our system, usually people will ALWAYS ask what is LINUX (since our System is using LINUX), why use LINUX, whats the different of using LINUX instead of Window?

And worst, when i started to say ‘our OS platform is using LINUX’…There will be an interruption..’What is OS?’…

Yea, people comes from different background, where our knowledge is more to certain field. I did not expect everyone to know what is OS, or what is LINUX or even what is Cat5 cable..Cuz for me it might be my everyday ‘meal’ but for those in different field, it might sound weird..Same like when doctors or farmer, use a term that i never heard before, i will give the same reaction like them ..:)

Check out on explanation on what is Operating system and the benefit of Linux here 🙂

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