Monday blue, start working and i feel really unmotivated for work..Open up my laptop and starting to stare blankly on all my LIST TO DO, sent by my bosses clients and myself..

I was very late just now, and i forget where i actually put my ‘mobile’ fragrance, so went to office without any. What to motivate me today? My Nina Ricci Perfume!

Yea, believe it or not, ‘she’ is my kind of motivator, when i am down, or need something to push me to do my never ending task. A good fragrance indeed can make my day, its actually instantly recreates the experience associated with the scent. And what was mine? Hmm…:)..

Well im not really expert in combination of flowers of whatever to make this Nina Ricci’s very powerful scent, but, as long as it doesn’t makes my sensitive skin itchy after i apply it, then im satisfied. Plus the very romantic and pampering scent, how can i ever say NO to it. 🙂
Had it all over me, and of course my office floor, i feel like all encouraged! Starting to list down what to do first, after this blog of course :)..

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