A bad day , i should call it today..

It was raining heavily this morning, having me stuck on traffic jam for hours. I cant even see the road was going tru as the rain REALLY crazy!..

I was out of energy when i reach office. I was REALLY hungry…I mean REALLY..I was late, but i dont care, i need to grab something for breakfast.

Passing our thumbprint security door, the receptionist give me 2 meeting appointments, and 3 calls to follow up. yea right..Taking a deep breath, i went upstairs..

Havent get my butt on my chair, my office phone ringing..Oh its my clients complaining about the support team havent get back to them on some issue..Hmmm…Make my promising voice, i assure them that my support team will look into the matter by today..

I was quite pissed off, as the issue suppose to be settled by yesterday..I intercom ALL my support team, and NOONE answer…Yeah rite…

Its almost 11am, and i was just about to REALLY get something for my hungry stomach, and my boss intercom me. Went in his room, urgent meeting need to attend and i need to prepare software documentation on it..WHAT??I mean in a few minutes???

He doesnt care..

Went back to my desk, with so much hatred in my heart, i started to type the best technical writing i can ever think of. It was hard, trust me, it was really hard! I havent really study the system, and need me to do software review on it.Its like giving a recipe without ever know whats the ingredients are..

Went for the meeting..Interesting part begin! The meeting all conducted in Chinese! Good…i waste my time there..

3 hours later, the China meeting ended, went back to office. Continue my system testing, as we need to deploy 20 Signages by next week.

The other boss come in, interrupt me. Asking on the other web portal project, he need the documentation by NOW. I was staring blankly at him..I am doing the system testing and i cant stop now..But HE DOESNT CARE!

I was so very hungry, im out of energy and i am full with hatred! Went back to my desk, and start typing all the documentation he needed.All with ‘i hate you’ words i put it in white text colour.

6 oclock, hurry went back home.Rushing to my car..


I forget to switched off my car lite and my car run out of battery!!!!!!!!!!!

I really almost cry..i wanna scream…

Calling my collq to do jump start, but unfortunately my battery just DEAD..

Buying new one, cost me RM140.

Good…All bad things had passed..im all in my lucky day from now on…

7 Comments on Aint Life beautiful …sometimes

  1. yeah…raining is a blessing but it oso can be a disaster..not everyday are goin as we planned..that what we say up n down…anyway, have a nice day kay…:D

  2. phew, tough life…consider this a formation stage…soon when you get ‘up there’, hopefully it won’t be too harsh…nway, as they say ‘this too will pass’…

  3. Mmmm…. sens juga la kan~ Well.. like kay kay said…Shit Happens~ same as here dear…. 🙁 …. well.. next day will start a new day… right? hehehe… take care my dear fren~

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