Nothing compares to the tale last night,
When the light we hold finally fading…
When the path of our blissful love, waning…
Leave a thousand questions
Unuttered, unanswered…
We leave it, alone…

We talk, we stray..
We put the time freezing, with the story of our unwordable tale..
We try to mend the path, that is broken
But we failed..

Should i adore the moment,
When we finally decide,
Or should i cry for the thousand memories
That will be buried deep inside our broken dreams…

Call me selfish, call me anything
Im tired to carry so many sad stories on my shoulder,
I am just too weak to carry the weight of the world,
How can i bear the feeling, to see the tears from the angel who brought me to this world,
How can i even smile when my heart aching painfully,
to let those beautiful hands hugging me, begging me to stay…

Tell me how can i choose the boulevard of our dreams,
when the other path,
They are crying in pain….

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