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Yea, Digital Signage is my life. I have been in the industry for almost 3 years now, and well, its quite interesting challenging, and new stuffs everyday. Working life is tough, but once i close a deal, a total satisfaction, the greatest feeling ever!

What is actually a Digital Signage?

In short, it refers to electronically controlled signs that you can update on-the-fly, without having to touch the physical sign itself. You can change the content quickly and inexpensively, and deliver targeted messages to hundreds or thousands of displays at once.

In Malaysia, sad but true, it’s a very new technology, and people tends to be so AFRAID of this technology. When i meet clients to propose the technology favourite question is : ‘Who is using this technology now in Malaysia?’

Lots of interesting idea on Digital Signage technology. What i am very interested of is the 3D Holograms and Holographic. I really want to bring this technology in Malaysia, but the investment damn expensive and Malaysian still VERY AFRAID to invest on this.

I have a small team to set up our flag and trying to conquer Malaysia with our Digital Signage. We are like 100 in 1.We do everything and have to know everything(from programming to networking to LCD technology, and all) and we cant do any mistake..Well its kind of hard for me to be the only She (in technical team), but luckily i could say i have a very good team.

We will start with of course Planning, scheduling and paperwork, which usually will be done by me, man sometimes not really good in this field..haha..opssss! Then the guys will be travelling here and there to meet my planning requirements, as scheduled, perfectly. They have to bear with me making noise when sometimes my requirement is not being perfectly done. .hehe, im the cranky teammate when it come to perfection!

Yeah, i always complaining on my hectic life. But its actually makes me feel satisfied in my life, and learn a lot on my journey. You see, the knowledge it gained by experiences not books. Thats how i appreciate my tears, my tensions and my sleepless days. Maybe it makes me the person i am now.

I am a girl who talk about wiring, cabling, networking, systems, and stuffs. When it comes to those arrogant so called experienced-Male-engineer they will laugh at me, thinking that they knows everything and i knows only about girly thingy. They will give me this ‘shut-up-you-know-nothing’ look when i started to debate on their opinion. But hey, i know my stuffs, try me.

Yep, so that it is, my busy duvy working days..My Digital Signage and life..A life itself..:)

My team and i 🙂