Chicken Ala Carte..That’s the title for this very touching short video, done by a Ferdinand Dimadura.

It was really touching and it shows us the meaning of appreciation. Do we appreciate the things or people we have around us.. Do we appreciate the family, the blessing or the surrounding that keeps us smiling.

I was about to blog about my hectic working day, how i hate my days and all…but having watched this, well…i am very grateful for what i have now..I cant imagine having to live like those children, and some dying in hunger..

It will never enough. When we have something, we will tend to wanting more and more…Thus, we forget to stop and appreciate everything that had been blessed for us…

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  1. Sometimes when I am in a situation at work I will just say, ‘Dude, someone else out there is perhaps in the verge of shitting in his pants while stuck in a traffic jam in a car with his new date, how can yours be worse?’

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