Almost every blogger today enjoys their paid from advertising or affiliate program, which is sometimes can make blogger smiling in sleep to know they are being paid while sleeping!

To join affiliate program, affiliates will act as a middle person to help promoting, sells and drive traffic to the affiliate program’s website. Each successful sale or clicks or leads will be paid, based on the agreeable commission. Blogger just have to place their ads in their blog, or write something about the website, put a text link on the website and they will be paid. Well, as it read, it is as simple as that. That’s why most bloggers enjoy their ‘free pay’ from affiliate program.

There’s a few ways to get paid by affiliate program: per click, per sale or per lead. Each commission will be paid differently. Blogger should take time to really understand the commission structure in affiliate advertising, so that there is no confusion, plus they can earn more if the tips and trick is on their hands!

With no prior experience or very little knowledge on commission structure, like me, affiliate usually will end up with nothing, as they didn’t really care about what they are doing. Of course it’s just easy to click “Join Our Affiliate Program”, but keep in mind, we join it to get something. And to get the ‘something’ we need the whole knowledge on what are we joining, how it works and stuffs.

Bloggers can join a lot of affiliate programs offered by various kinds of companies. They will be given a banner text or text link to affiliate program website, and keep track on every response from the website.
So guys, plan and know before join, it will benefit you! Best of luck!

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