Yes, it happen here, in Malaysia. Yea Malaysia..again Malaysia…

Who behind this, well i ain’t got no idea people, but he/she must be very cruel, hating animal so bad, and have no heart at all…I mean, people wont be so stupid to expect the dogs can survive in a stranded island, without nothing to eat except,what plants?

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysiaā€”Malaysian villagers caught more than 300 stray dogs and dumped them on a mangrove island, driving the canines to cannibalism after weeks of starvation, animal welfare activists said Thursday.

The plight of the dogs cast away on a small, uninhabited island off Malaysia’s western Selangor state ignited outrage after activists this week released photographs showing dogs eating the carcasses of ones that had died. ..

….”Nearby, a weak dog was screaming because several dogs were trying to bite her,” it said.

SPCA volunteers have so far rescued two dogs and left food for the others, said SPCA official Jacinta Johnson. They estimate 200 might have survived.


Big Thanks to Selangor Society of Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, SPCA to take abrupt action to save those few survived dogs. But, i do hope the someone behind this stupid and most cruel idea, can be punished by put him/her on that island with those hungry dogs..Well…that’s what you asking for fella!

5 Comments on Malaysia : 300 dumped dog in island,EAT EACH OTHER

  1. This is really sad…how could people be so heartless? Animals have feelings too. They are even better than humans sometimes. I just can’t take this šŸ™

  2. Yep…Its Malaysia Yung!

    Its so very sad, for Malaysian to portrays such a bad impression to the world.

    hey Justin! Looong time no see, hehe..yea, lets save the dogs together! I know you love dogs too!:D

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