Its a really hot and really hot weather now in Malaysia, when Malaysian is very used with 20°C – 30°C range, now its reaching 37°C ! Staying at home is the best choice, but of course it’s boring and out of idea what else to do, except surfing the net or reading a book or watching movie, yea nothing much. Surfing the net, checking out some good place to go for a holiday,escaping this hot climate in here, i finally stop on Arizona thingy, where it might be a good idea to go there for a holiday! This month Arizona climate is a bit cooler than Malaysia, and maybe can go there for an escape! Or maybe staying there for good, hey i already make my homework on that as well,check here if you don’t trust me Scottsdale Arizona realtors , a luxurious apartment as well!Ok, yea i wish! 🙂

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