It’s been a really busy and tiring week for me.Have to go out around Klang Valley to do all our project inspection. Urgh, it really tiring..with the hot weather out there, its killing me…Another week to complete 100++ locations…God bless me!

And….. May again!We celebrating Kaamatan Day again! Yup people, Kaamatan is a Harvest festival, originally celebrated by Sabahan people.
Huh, missing home, when all the families gather and celebrate..Oh yea, esp all the foods, the singing, dancing and all..!

far from hometown, but close with all the Sabahan friends least we didn’t really feel the feeling of being far from home, when all the good friends just around..:)

Eya, check out this cool and fantastic Kaamatan Song by Kay featuring Defoo. THIS IS KAAMATAN. Ah this is what Sabahan do when we miss home..we sing we dance! 😀

Keep up the spirit of bambarayon!

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  1. Really enjoy this song 🙂 Well done,Kay. Spent most of my two weeks in Sabah listening to this song played by Otthoe in SuriaFM. It's soooo kaamatan..

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