Everyone loves to have a good vacation. Away from our never ending works, away from the usual scene we live everyday and give ourselves a treat after working so hard.
There’s a lot of things we need to check before we go for a vacation. First choose the destination, make sure the destination worth.

Secondly accommodation, yea, it’s very important especially when we are somewhere far from our place, and we don’t know anyone. For me choosing the best hotel is the must.

I came across of this very affordable yet fantastic hotel when i was doing my hotel searching for my i-don’t-know- when vacation. People, it is really cool! Accor Hotels City Super Sale, i can save up to 60% and with that money i can at least buy some souvenirs! Uh, but need to book on-line between 23 – 29 June, for stays between July 10 and September 30, 2009. Over 250,000 room nights will be on sale, with rates starting as low as US$25 per night.

So you people, who still have no idea where to stay for your vacation, feel free checking Accor Hotels City Super Sale. You won’t lose anything anywhere :). Oh there, they also offer the same discounts in 27 countries including Bangkok, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Hanoi, Manila, Mumbai, Sydney and Auckland.

Hmm, Auckland…I love Auckland, longed to go there and plus, Accord Hotel can be found there :).


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