I Love you grandpa, forever….

Yesterday, 3 years back, i lost someone very dear to me,the greatest man in my life, my grandpa…My heart cry every time i realize i can’t hug him anymore forever..i love him with all my heart, with all my soul..
I really want to say something that really nice, really sweet for him, but words just couldn’t come right away..Remembering him , as the head of the family, as the great grandpa and as someone who has everything in his mind…
Every year, as the family gather, he will always be remembered..His jokes, his stories even how he will think, we will always say ‘oh Ama (grandpa) won’t like this if he see’ or ‘this would be wonderful, Ama will love it’..He always in our family, even tho his body no longer in this world..Maybe that’s what it mean by ‘he will always in our heart’..Yea, and he lives in us..
I remember his story about a beautiful women who being left by her husband for works abord, and treated so bad by her in-laws..hmm..i think the title is ‘Rombin’..:)..i really love to hear that story again..He always tell me this Dusun tale before we go to bed, or after dinner. Yea, my grandpa always have this long-after -dinner story telling time..Now googeling on this Rombin tale..who knows i can find one, i’ll share, don’t worry..:)

RIP grandpa dear, we always love you..

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