Its just mid October! Im not sure it’s just me or something, but i can hear the Christmas bells ringing…errr..Its time for home sweet home, time for families and time to spend lots of money for presents..!

last year, i started my Christmas shopping early October. Well to avoid me forgetting someone, or to get me caught spending more than i earn a month ..haha…And i remember my favorite present i bought from cute online shop. But this year, its been a very, i mean really busy year for me. I haven’t started shopping yet!

Hmm, some list i had made so far :

1. Cool Soccer Ball
2. Books
3. Shoes
4. Cute hair accessories

Yea 🙁 i haven’t even finish listing them down. Sigh..
Oh, i will have my reunion with the girls maybe somewhere at Pulau Mamutik, so maybe i can buy some volleyball set so we can have our girl-only holiday!

***singing Christmas songs***

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