Month: December 2009

will i miss everything?

29 Dec 2009

Yea, end of the year again..It was like just yesterday when i wrote my goodbye 2008 welcome 2009 post.

1 year, happen so so so fast, and so many things happen..Did i fulfill all my resolution last year? Hmm to live happy yea, ha ha i gain so much weight just to have a happy least i have it on some part of my life rite..We never know what will come..Yea, we cannot expect too much..because things can change, people can change and eventually, i know, i will only have myself for everything..

Yesterday my very dear cousin sister wedding. I am very very happy for her, after everything that comes in her life. She did end the 2009 with a big smile and with a bless from all of the family for her, to find all the happiness in the world..We love you sis!

Hmm new year..i haven’t set any resolution yet..ha ha ha..maybe because i am not sure..maybe because i am hesitate..or maybe be..i don’t know :D.. I will think about it..still have 2 days..he he he…

will i miss everything in 2009? Will it still the same in 2010? Hmm i never know am i..:)

Online gift

I am really excited about all gong home for Christmas! Another 3 days and here i come Sabah..he he..

Hmm just that i am a bit worried about all the gifts i need to bring back for home..Should i wrap them now, or later? yea, dilemma..:)

Oh yesterday i receive a very cute gift from my friend oversea, and its really cute!! And she’s very clever tho, sending ,me the gift via Facebook (oh FYI its on iTunes Fan Page)? iTunes Online Gifts to be exact.. ha ha ya, sounds weird,but technology people technology!

Now i have to redeem my gift at iTunes Store, well as long as only one click then has no issue for me :P..Thats why i really love technology…

yea, she’s so clever to save her some thinking either to wrap now or later..But hey, whatever…As long as i can go home for christmas rite :D..

See you again beautiful people!