29 Dec 2009

Yea, end of the year again..It was like just yesterday when i wrote my goodbye 2008 welcome 2009 post.

1 year, happen so so so fast, and so many things happen..Did i fulfill all my resolution last year? Hmm to live happy yea, ha ha i gain so much weight just to have a happy life..well..at least i have it on some part of my life rite..We never know what will come..Yea, we cannot expect too much..because things can change, people can change and eventually, i know, i will only have myself for everything..

Yesterday my very dear cousin sister wedding. I am very very happy for her, after everything that comes in her life. She did end the 2009 with a big smile and with a bless from all of the family for her, to find all the happiness in the world..We love you sis!

Hmm new year..i haven’t set any resolution yet..ha ha ha..maybe because i am not sure..maybe because i am hesitate..or maybe be..i don’t know :D.. I will think about it..still have 2 days..he he he…

will i miss everything in 2009? Will it still the same in 2010? Hmm i never know am i..:)

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