Month: January 2010

Today’s best joke!

I am having stomach upset today, blame the tomyam last nite! I love Tomyam, but last nite really a HOT and SPICY tomyam…

Don’t really have a mood in office today, but yeah, bills need to pay!

But something really makes me laugh today. Its a joke from Ben‘s blog:

A man came home from work and his children ran to him and called out ‘Ayah! Ayah!’. His neighbor got very upset and said to him, “Can you please tell your children not to call you ‘Ayah’ (father in Malay language)?”

The man asked, “Why?” The neighbor retorted,“Because my children call me ’Ayah’ too.
They might get confused and mistaken you to be their father. Posted by AnSoN

Ha ha..At least i forget about my stomach upset for a while and laughing. I remember Ayah, my uncle. And..ha ha ha thats really funny if the children can be confused with their own Ayah…Well what to do, some children might easily confused..ha ha ha…i am still laughing…

Oh well, i cannot talk much here, because people, in our world, you don’t have the freedom to really talk and deliver the point. ha ha ha…

Thank God Its Friday!

Me new blog theme :)

O yess..

I am so very happy with my new theme!..heheh..

I always wanted to change my blog theme, but never had a chance. Now i had completed everything in 2 days!

Over all i think i dedicated my time for 6 hours to do this..It worth!

As the saying goes, Where’s There is a will, there is a way!


Contact Me

Dear beautiful people;

If there’s anything in my blogs trigger the curiosity, anger or questions, feel free to contact me via my email. I am almost 24hrs on the net 🙂

Calculate your Calorie

Kategori:Kuih Muih
1. Kasuiberkelapa parut (sekeping) = 160 kalori
2. Kuih lapis (sekeping) = 130 kalori
3. Bingka ubi (sekeping) = 220 kalori
4. Cekodok Pisang (sebiji sederhana) = 180 kalori
5. Popia goreng (satu) = 130 kalori
6. Popia basah (satu) = 95 kalori
7. Pisang goreng (sekeping) = 170 kalori
8. Kek biasa tanpa krim (sepotong) = 87 kalori
9. Karipap (sebiji) = 130 kalori
10. Sandwich sardin (sekeping) = 70 kalori
11. Bubur kacang (semangkuk) = 100 kalori

Kategori: Lauk Pauk
1. Ikan kembong kari berkuah (seekor) = 85 kalori
2. Ikan tenggiri goreng bercili (sepotong) = 142 kalori
3. Ikan kembong goreng (seekor) = 140 kalori
4. Ikan senangin masam manis berkuah (sepotong) = 210 kalori
5. Daging lembu kari berkuah (2 kotak mancis) = 130 kalori
6. Ayam kari berkuah (sepotong) = 250 kalori
7. Ayam goreng (sepotong) = 255 kalori
8. Ayam tandoori (sepotong) = 220 kalori
9. Sambal udang (setengah cawan) = 70 kalori
10. Sambal sotong (setengah cawan) = 55 kalori
11. Telor goreng (sebiji) = 110 kalori
12. Taukua goreng (sekeping) = 110 kalori
13. Kacang panggang dalam tin (2 sudu makan) = 40 kalori

Kategori: Makanan Rutin
1. Nasi putih (satu setengah cawan) = 260 kalori
2. Nasi lemak bersambal (sepinggan) = 400 kalori
3. Nasi goreng bertelur (sepinggan) = 635 kalori
4. Nasi briyani berayam (sepinggan) = 880 kalori
5. Nasi minyak kosong (sepinggan) = 445 kalori
6. Nasi ayam kosong (sepinggan) = 300 kalori
7. Mee goreng kosong (sepinggan) = 660 kalori
8. Mee sup (semangkuk) = 380 kalori
9. Mee hoon goreng (sepinggan) = 550 kalori
10. Roti putih (2 keping) = 156 kalori
11. Roti canai kosong tanpa kuah (sekeping) = 200 kalori
12. Capati tanpa kuah (sekeping) = 180 kalori
13. Pau ayam (sebiji) = 203 kalori
14. Emping jagung kosong (secawan) =160 kalori

Kategori: Makanan Segera
1. Peha ayam goreng (satu) = 130 kalori
2. Nugget ayam (satu) = 60 kalori
3. Kentang lecek (satu tub kecil) = 90 kalori
4. Sayur kobis hancur (satu tub) = 75 kalori
5. Burger keju (satu) = 425 kalori
6. Kentang goreng (satu kantung kecil) = 405 kalori
7. Sate ayam (secucuk) = 35 kalori
8. Pizza berkeju (sepotong) = 240 kalori

Kategori: Buah-buahan
1. Tembikai (sepotong) = 20 kalori
2. Betik (sepotong) = 45 kalori
3. Pisang emas (2 biji) = 76 kalori
4. Durian (5 ulas) = 64 kalori
5. Limau (sebiji) = 42 kalori
6. Jambu batu (sebiji) = 110 kalori
7. Nenas (sepotong) = 59 kalori
8. Epal (sebiji) = 63 kalori
9. Ciku (sebiji) = 44 kalori
10. Mangga (sebiji) = 103 kalori

kategori minuman
1.minuman berkabonat 1 tin 285g = 120 kal
2.minuman kotak 250g = 105 kal
3.susu tepung penuh krim 1 sudu makan = 33 kal
4.susu tepungtanpa lemak 1 sudu makan = 25 kal
5.aiskrim 2 skop= 390 kal
6.susu pekat manis 1 sudu makan = 71 kal
7.yogurt rendah lemak 1 cawan = 90 kal
8.mentega 2 sudu teh = 75 kal
9.keju chedar 1 keping =58 kal

Web designing tips

As the title is … before you do!

Its boring i know, but wait until you get stuck on what you do then only you will realize how easy if only you take a time and read first..ha ha..

I love editing my website and blogs. people suggest i use wordpress, and yep i use wordpress. At first, i am totally lost on how to control it. I have no idea where’s the setting, what it can do, even how to do a post!

But i take time and read. Yep, i am no expert, but, yea, now i could say i know how to handle wordpress. Oh thei is a great article if you love to learn about web designing on wordpress.

It will describe in detail about wordpress, how it works, and how it help you with your blog or website. It will help you. Oh don’t worry to add the bonus, the article will also give tips on how to choose a good template for your wordpress site!

If you need more advance explaination on web designing, here is a good article too.

Maybe you never realize how important font is in your website. By reading that article you will absolutely get the idea. Fonts is part of design. Interesting ey?

Well, knowledge can start with reading. Happy reading everyone!

Borneo beauty..

I finally had a time to update my other blog ‘Borneo Beauty‘ uhm well not to say fully completed, but at least now it is readable!

Still editing the template tho, and fine tuning the content..ha ha…But everyone is most welcome to visit my humble blog yah 🙂

I love Borneo especially Sabah, and my tribe the Dusun and my culture…Maybe its good to have them all documented in a blog for my own reference as well as others rite 🙂

Happy Monday people…!

2010 The third week

Maybe its wrong to start a fresh year with all the stress around..Yea, its not right..

Sigh, this is my second week working after my lovely holiday. Its a real pain. I even cried to let go all the stress, well a good way to let it go ey :D..

I walk in to the office last 2 weeks to know that everything changed. My 2 teammates are no longer with the team. And well as i already had in my mind, i have to take over their task. What more can i say..To find new job?Well hope our beloved government will stop all the unwanted thing in our country so we can start concentrating putting our economic into at least stable level? So i can easily find a good job to pay my bills.

First 1 week, i tried to keep all the energy i can get to start my work. Keep updated with everyone on works, projects and new plan. I don’t want to push myself too much on the first week (ya i know excuse! 😀 )

Now 2nd week, i have no choice but to look at the files my ex teammate left for me…Meeting up clients and start being cranky with my junior teammates. I am the only female in our whole division now, and it makes me more and more stress. Well dealing with all male teammate really challenging, especially when you are the one who need to tell them what to do, arranging their work, getting reports and get them to do the task!

This week, it really makes me tired. I don’t even have the energy to make a dinner after work.

Maybe all i need is a quiet place to be alone, and re-charging myself.

Be Borneo…Amazingly heaven..

I still miss my holiday! I miss the fresh air..i miss the nature…

Last December my cousin’s friend visiting KL and she’s staying with me. An American girl and very sweet Jessica. Well we had spent a splendid 20 days together and she even come with be to Ranau, Sabah. ( Oh..Sabah is located at the North Borneo)..

Ya ever heard about Borneo? Well ask me and i say i love Borneo..Nothing is more interesting than be inside it. The culture, the nature and the beauty..Ask me again and i said..i am truly a Borneo girl..:)

I brought Jessica around, let the American friend of mine feel the nature, understand the meaning of love of nature..hehe..

This is one of the location we went. Its like a spring in Australia..Mountain view..and we do some jungle treking with amazing view of mountain hills.

Jessica with her barefoot! 🙂

Lots of amazing bugs (they love my skin, kiss em until it reddish, but i love em), well i cannot find them at the city indeed

The view taken from our way back from KK to Ranau.

Beautiful ain’t it..Jessica pose with the mountain view.

We did enjoying our self playing with the fishes…They are real fish and sooooo friendly…You wont regret flying to Sabah, borneo for this people!

A closeup on the fishes!

Hmm holiday ended but i did enjoy every single minute with it..You people should try it! I say FANTASTIC! Go in group and you will find it more interesting..At least you have someone to join you screaming laughing and maybe sleep on mud! Who knows :D..

Yea, don’t worry about HOW TO GET THERE..or WHERE TO STAY or WHEN …Easy just go to and all your questions or hesitation will be answered!

I am having loads of fun with beborneo, and you will!!

P/s Jessica had fly back to US, but she had a very nice moment at Sabah, she will be back in 2 years time.Hello people, don’t waste your time..Enjoy and do things with nature around while we can :D..

Happy living everyone…Hugs…

The holiday ended :(

Today is my last day having my good time at kampung with families with friends…I really hate to face the reality that i have to go back to the city for work..urgh!

Every year is always be the best holiday and so do this year. I love everything that i will leave behind tomorrow. ha ha as if its too far, but the life gonna be totally different there. Big city life..urgh i hate it!

i have been ‘packing’ my belongings for about 4 hours, but havent really manage to put something in my luggage. ..hehe..

…Bless me this year dear lord….and my loves them!