Just clock off from office, and having my own time at oldtown white coffee :)..I had some mee with minced chicken and layered tea ..hehe…At least it ease my mind ..

I just read some blogs which discussing about current political issue in Malaysia, and indeed it is very interesting. Thanks to the government for always do the Reading campaign, it remind me everyday to read their blogs, and i do respect those writer who write such beautiful and honest post on what they have in mind.

I am not into politics, but to read the posts, it really make me realize that the current government should do their reading and try to understand what Malaysian discussed. Do not ban any website or put people into prison just because they are talking.

Think in a positive way, take the comments to improve. Well.. like my boss always said, go outside and check what people says about our service.

If you come back with all nice comments, you will be in danger. Come with nasty complains and we will start from there.

Its true tho! With lots of nasty complaints we improve day by day. We know our stuffs, and we are more confident to talk. I mean, what it is in a company to kill (opss, maybe too harsh) hmm put their own clients to prisons just because they are telling the truth? Ok, some are not true, but for me i will gladly prove that what my client say is not true.

I always love marina Mahatir’s writing, and the person herself ๐Ÿ™‚ . This is quoted from her writing:

My interpretation is that a good leader is one who doesnโ€™t sit around trying to find ways for people to love him or her but does the right thing for his country and people and hope they will see the justification for it, and eventually love him or her.

you can find her blog at http://rantingsbymm.blogspot.com ๐Ÿ™‚

Very true ain’t it?

Well…it’s up to everyone to decide…But for me, i will vote the leader who respect in honesty, love and people…

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