I always wanted to have the consistency on saving same amount or (even increase) every month. But..well, ha ha..there’s always a BUT..

How la…I did try, and of course i can save..but well, its not enough..i had calculated, and i need to save triple amount that i save now, to make me well prepared with my financial future. Ha ha ha!

Well, maybe some of us don’t really bother about saving. But trust me its really important. I bought me and my mom’s life insurance some years back so that at least something is spare for us if just in case someday we need to pay high hospital bills.

I remember when i was a child, i always hate when my mom said “We can’t afford that, we don’t have money”. But think back, she was planning everything for us (me , my 2 younger sisters and my brother) for our universities fee, mostly. She even had the ‘expenses book’, where she wrote everything that she spend monthly.

Well, it was sad to finally realize, how much she had actually keep herself from buying the things she wants because she knows all of us will need the money for our studies. being in the situation where i work and have to save money, trust me mom, i know the feeling now 😛

My little sister always said i am almost like mom, with the word-of-the-month ‘We can’t afford it’..Ha ha..yep, sister, we can’t afford it. Its for your own good!

If i have my own child one day, i will teach them the way my mom teach us, saving. We can’t afford everything. Ha ha..well that’s good tho, if not, i might become a spoil brat now..

This is a good article we all should think about. As i keep telling my self , Save and just spend on necessary things. It won’t make you stinky, because you know when and where to spend.


If there’s one certainty in life, it’s that unexpected things can happen at any time. Whether it’s a natural disaster, an unplanned illness, the loss of a job, or a bad investment, the financial repercussions of an emergency situation can be debilitating if you aren’t properly prepared. A well established savings account can help prevent a financial crisis when these situations arise.

Debt Prevention:

The main reason that people go into debt is because they make purchases that they can’t afford. In these instances, they usually turn to credit cards (which charge high interest rates and are often hard to pay off). A well-funded savings account can allow you to purchase the items outright and avoid the pitfalls of borrowing money.

Plan for the Future:

Everyone has something that they are striving for. Whether it’s money to buy a new car, pay for an education, or fund an early retirement, many of the things that we want can end up costing a good deal of money. An efficient and disciplined savings plan can help you achieve those goals sooner and without the drawbacks of debt.

P/S : Planning budget for my new house now..and …hmmmm….money..money..money 🙂

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  1. tart…


    To burst up the energy.. listen to ABBA song.. MONEY MONEY MONEY~ hahaha….

    Happy Saving~

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