Month: March 2010

Okay to be gay in Malaysian films, if ..character repents

Film-makers can depict homosexuals for the first time in strictly censored Malaysia — so long as they repent or even go straight in the end, an industry group said Monday.
Strict censorship rules in the mostly Muslim country mean books and films are routinely banned or scenes deleted that are deemed detrimental to moral values or religious sensitivities.
The new censorship guidelines reverse a ban on scenes featuring homosexuality, Malaysian Film Producers’ Association president Ahmad Puad Onah said. But there’s a catch.
“We are now allowed to show these scenes,” he told AFP. “As long as we portray good triumphing over evil and there is a lesson learnt in the film, such as from a gay (character) who turns into a (straight) man.
“Previously we are not allowed to show these at all.”
The new rules, he insists, will allow greater freedom of expression for film-makers. But kissing, undressing and obscenity scenes will still be banned.
“We can do almost anything now but we are urged to give due considerations on the film’s impact on certain areas like public order, religion, socio-culture elements and moral values.”
It is not just homosexuality, subjects such as illegal racing can also be depicted.
A New Sunday Times report at the weekend said a local movie “V3 Road Gangster” on illegal racing was being shown in the cinemas since it satisfied the rules as the illegal racers either died or were caught by police at the end.
Another movie that has recently passed Malaysian censors was a film featured the life of a transvestite. It will be screened in May.
The Film Censorship Board could not be reached for comment.

Whats wrong for being gay? C’mon people!
I heard some bi*** word in TV2 last nite..awww..

Busy Week

Its 2am and im still in the office..a real busy week for me. Now waiting for another team to finalize their part, i am very sleepy i could sleep while typing this blog ha ha..

Everybody still working now, well at least in my office..We are running of time to send our project proposal by today 10am..Another 7 hours to go!

I was just finish finalizing all pricing and all technical documentations, and i really cannot think straight, when my teammate ask me :

“What is 3, 009,010 in words?” I look at her and started to think..

Three hundred thousand nine hundred and ten?

She look at me seem to have this confuse look as well and said..’Oh thats cheap..’

And for 1 minute both of us agree its three hundred thousand nine hundred and ten.

I went to the pantry, drink some plain cool nice fantastic water, and my brain start to move..

I went to the planning room and tell her : ‘its THREE MILLION NINE THOUSAND AND TEN’

She look at me and said ; ‘Can you times that number to 30% them divide it to 3, plus the result of 30% and then save it as A. Now take 70% from A and plus it with A. My calculator just didn’t work now’

Actually i feel like want to throw something to her, but nahh she’s as tired as me..

And  said its 1, 234, 567, if you don’t trus me, re-calculate!

 I think shes still doing her calculation now..he he..

Now let me continue my work before the clock reaching 10am..

ITH , Shipment Story

If you ever want to choose shipment company to ship your things, well you better choose carefully..List every shipment company available and shortlisted them by price and of course good service!

A good story you might want to check before ship your belongings.Well, hoping that more people will share their stories to everyone..

The big day ..for her

My youngest sister having trouble sleeping, eating and maybe breathing for the last few days waiting for her SPM result to be announced. Ha ha..Yea, i know the feeling. I was in that situation before, it felt like crying to think of what’s if and all the possibilities.

And SPM result had been announced.

Yea, out of 11 subjects, she manage to get 5As. She’s frustrated and not happy about it. Felt like a failure to see most of her close friends get straight As. Well sist, its not the end of the world. Its just the begining of her life, a real life. Maybe being the straight As student since UPSR and PMR makes her feel sooo much pain not to get the straight As for the most important exam.

She might feel soooo painful now, but for me and the rest of the families, we know she had really tried her best. I was in her shoes before , knowing that my dream didn’t come true, and i cried all night. Ha ha..But moving on, i continue to Matriculation, then University, well..I really didnt feel the difference with all straight As student  from boarding school…Trust me lil sist, you have a long way to go. Slowly you will know, its your capabilities, your strength and your determination that will determine are you a failure or not.

Success is not measured by how many As you get, but by knowing that you will always do the best, keep trying, believing yourself and most of all, proving that you can be very independent standing on your feet and achieving your life goal. Simple 🙂

Congratulation dear sister, go and celebrate..enjoy! 😀

I am tired

My body ache my mind feel like exploding. I feel overwhelmingly tired. Tired with everything and wish i could just sleep and forget the world. I am tired with my busy office time, my other job that always need me to do everything, i am tired with the whole house moving thing; packing-dusts-transportation-money-arrangement, i am tired with all cleaning, all washing all cooking…

I am tired when my boss asking me HOW? or WHY? I am tired when my colleague send me tons of papers need to read and confirm. I am tired with emails need me to do product explanation. My days? Its not something any human being love to have..

i am tired when someone compares me with other person-i wish i could just scream, i am tired when people expecting more but never work hard for it, i am tired when i have to think about everything..

I need some rest..

Are you a woman.. yet?

i was reading a magazine when i come to this interesting fact about ‘How do you know if you had become woman’..(well..a little bit sound like that 😛 )

1. Girl : Spend, spend, spend
Woman : Earn, Save, Spend

2. Girl : Wear something to attract people attention
Woman : Wear something for herself.

Well, how true is that ladies? 🙂

Personally, i do agree. I was a girl, spending any money i owned, even dare to ask my mom for extra allowances when i was in college. ha ha. yep, and i do regret it now, thinking on how hard the money earned. eurgh! yea, getting older is to get wiser..i work so hard to get my salary in every month, and save first and well, maybe spend some for me to reward myself:). And plus, being the eldest sister, i really need to spare for my younger siblings…Try be the elders sister, you will know how it feel :D!

When i was in high school years, everything is about, who has the prettiest dress, and ha ha i can buy designer’s T-shirt just to impress people. But now, yea, its like, as long as i feel good wearing it, i don’t care what people think about it. There’s so many important things i need to do with my money instead of buying expensive clothes..But of course occasionally i will buy one or two 😀

My aunt once told me..’If you never start to take a responsibility on your younger siblings, you will never had the feeling of being respected as an elder sibling. Once you take care of them, you will find yourself gaining more that you can think of, because of the challenge. And automatically you will be more mature handling your life. So be grateful.’

uhmmm…ha ha…okiess….hmm..:P