I have a very interesting discussion with our company’s business partner today, about everything. well, ha ha, he was sharing his idea and experience on business, life and his thought when we were arguing on jobless young men in Malaysia after economic crisis. I appreciate every word he said..

Current economic hardships have had what is called in constitutional law a “disparate impact”: The crisis has not afflicted everyone equally. Although women are a majority of the workforce, perhaps as many as 80 percent of jobs lost were held by men. This injury to men is particularly unfortunate because it may exacerbate, and be exacerbated by, a culture of immaturity among the many young men who are reluctant to grow up.

Sad but true, many young (some are not young, in their 30s) men, prefer to stay at home and hoping to get a call from big company offering them a job. Well they might once worked as an executive before, but due to economic hardship, they have to say good bye to their highly pay job..

He asked me : ‘If you are not working here now, being terminated due to economic thing, tell me what is your plan? What is your strength or skills’

My answer : I am everything here and there. I don’t have very powerful skills, but i trust my brain and my physical capabilities. (i didn’t tell him that i worked in paddy field before ha ha). So i might be interested on having my own business. Plan A,B and C. i love doing IT business, but i can just sell maybe ‘Sabah chicken Wings’ at Pasar Malam, and do nasi lemak to sell in the morning. OMG i just love that! hehe.. If it didn’t work after 6 months, i will pack and balik kampung. I can always do something there, if there’s nothing in KL for me, God might have spare some opportunity for me in Sabah maybe..Who knows rite..

Yup, for me, opportunities won’t come that easy. One should chase for it. And i can knock all doors just to get at least one good opportunity for me to use.

i remember me my sister and my cousins were having a small business selling vegetable around the kampung and at my grandma stall. Ha ha..that was 5 years back after i finish my degree, when we were jobless, really jobless..It was really fun, and honestly i appreciate the moments we need to go to the pasar borong at 4.30am, bargain the veggies, pack them 1 by one into small package, and sell it around the kampung!

My beloved grandma, the person who create the strong person inside me, who never accept any ‘NO’ without trying. A strong lady, never cry to show weakness and she just everything for me and the whole families..She successfully create another her inside all her grandchildren.

And some people just talking, about having a degree but end up’jual sayur di kampung‘ only, but for me there’s nothing wrong about it! What’s it is to compare to jobless and depends to other people to bagi makan. oh i am so not into that category..i will do anything to get small money even to work in the farm or selling vege at a stall or keliling kampung. because from there, you will start to appreciate the money you gain and it will makes you so much mature..

I recruit all my young cousins to set up small vege farm, and we were having so much fun taking care for it..

maybe some people just don’t want to grow up. And i wonder why…Maybe ashamed to do oh-so-don’t-have-class job, or maybe they just love to depend on others…or maybe their families protect them too much? Hmm no one knows..

3 Comments on Some people just won’t grow up..

  1. Tart…

    terharu aku membaca blog mu ini.. I LOVE U ALL… hahaha ingat ka statement sepa tu? hehehe…

    nway, U are the one I know who is the most strong and so capable in doing anything!!! ANYTHING!!! Gosh….. u inspired me bebeh!!

    Keep up the good work dear!

  2. saripah patmawati is your idol..hahahahha..

    Yung, you are one of those, who decided to grow up, when shit happen..You start from the beginning again, but look what you have learned now..so much more compare to your previous highly-paid job in Kl kan…

    haih nasib baik la ko sanggup kerj a keras ..klu tida paning si jie jie mo kasi makan adik dia yg surg nih..hahhahahaha

  3. huar huar huar~~~

    Aka taw ko neh mmg kuat dan bersemangat waja rajin berusaha tak kira siang atau malam tekun berusaha demi sesuap nasi..HAHAHA!

    tak pe la Ta, bak kata cik Badh, kalau buang ko kt mana2 pulau pn ko boleh idup…

    tapi yg aku xpaham nape ko smkn comel dan montel skrang eh?


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