Month: June 2010

Anti-Mugging “Skirt” Transforms Would-Be-Victim Into Soda Machine

The mind-blowingly quirky piece of clothing pictured above may not deliver actual sodas, but it just might deliver you from evil-doers intent on causing you harm.

The skirt looks like a pretty red dress under normal circumstances, but when flipped inside out over the wearer’s head turns into a pretty dead-on soda machine disguise — the perfect foil for some mugger or more violent criminal (at least in Japan, where street crime is rare).

When i first saw this, i was laughing..well that’s cute but, can you really do it so fast, like in sudden when you sense something not wrong? :D. Oh well, hmm sometimes, to transform ourself into something else is a good self defense especially when you are dealing with those way stronger than you…Hmm good idea 🙂

But actually, these flippable fashion outfits are inspired by ancient Ninja stealth techniques — apparently Ninja warriors would hide under black cloths at night to avoid enemies or surprise-attack them. And in Ninja invisibility is the art of blending in, becoming an insignificant part of our environment and disappearing within it..

Oh and eww, do you know how the hairy frog do their defense?

The hairy frog or “horror frog” intentionally breaks its own bones to turn out a wicked set of cat-like claws. Like Wolverwine, only slimy and a lot more terrifying because it’s a freaking frog. Scientists don’t know if the claw is able to retract once it pierces through the skin. According to New Scientist: “Trichobatrachus robustus actively breaks its own bones to produce claws that puncture their way out of the frog’s toe pads, probably when it is threatened.” Also, it is apparently hairy. This doesn’t stop Cameroon locals from spearing and roasting hairy frogs as a tasty snack.

Interesting aren’t they? 

PEOPLE most beautiful woman

Those curls! The push-up bra! Can you believe it’s been 20 years since Pretty Woman?

Julia Roberts, who began her career as “Pretty Woman,” is now the most beautiful person in the world, according to People magazine’s Most Beautiful Person issue released on Wednesday.

I watched her on ‘Pretty woman’ with Richard Gere, and she is awesomely beautiful!She is now a self-described working mom, Roberts lives in Taos, N.M., with husband Danny Moder, 41, and her three children: 5-year-old twins Hazel and Finn, and 2-year-old Henry. She’s just landed a new job as global ambassador for cosmetics giant Lancome and continues to work as an actress.Ah, she might be so beautiful even in draft printed paper or even using id card printer for photo.

Well PEOPLE magazine did not judge her by her look , but on everything. You might think lots of woman more beautiful than her, but it’s not just the look bebe! 🙂

Beauty with no brain doesn’t work. I love George Cloony quote on her “It has nothing to do with the way she looks.It has everything to do with who she is.” Aww…

The CR

I am not into football sooo much, but yea, i watch the games here and there…know some of the heroes and forget them after the match :D…

One of my fav is the cute Christiano himself..aww! he he..but funny thing is, i barely know him. Well, i can just google him, but hmmm..i don’t know, maybe ii am not that hard core fan…and when i googled him (while i wrote this post)…WAW!…thousands of pages with his name! Everyone adores him ey?

Watched Portugal (7) Vs Korea (0) last Monday and WAW! again Christiano did one very cute goal…it’s really cute!! ha ha…oh i embed the video of him scoring his cute goal 🙂

What Ronaldo’s bank account receives in a week takes the average worker five to six years to earn. Then again, the average worker can’t score from forty yards..he he.. The thieving bankers take millions for themselves and play golf, that most twisted of Freudian perversions (little balls and little holes). At least Ronaldo has to run for his money. Hmm maybe if i sell CO2 fire extinguishers
it will take me about 50 years to be a bit closer on what he earn a week :D..


Why you must change your ideas and feelings about money

Money is a never ending topic to talk with..people need money, people waste money and people abuse money. myself…hmmm.. i am the type of person who will only use my money with something that really worth for it.ha ha…and i love spending my money for some Educational kids toys rather than buying expensive sun glass..:P

‘Women : Earn and save’
‘Girl       : Spend, spend , spend’

When i keep thinking about all the expenses, savings, bills i need to pay, i am used to be so stress out. But when you learn how to feel towards money, you will act and think differently. And money will just be there when you need them. Well, not saying that you don’t have to do anything, but something like, there will be a way.

And be sincere with money. believe in ‘What goes around comes around’. if you too stingy to spend money for others, maybe the money will be so reluctantly go nearby you? or maybe you spend money to others but you tell the whole world about it? Or maybe you go to some reunion, and just hoping someone will pay the bills because you don’t have money?

Well things like that.

When people keep being mad with their always-don’t-have-money, they failed to think. What have they done to make the opportunity come closer. 

What makes the difference in our feelings about money is how we choose to use our FREE-WILL in handling money and any other resource that’s been given to us.
In other words – don’t blame the resources because of how we have decided to use them. We create and are responsible for our own greed and mis-use of these resources… not the resources themselves. They are totally innocent of our decisions.
When we come to understand this, and put it in perspective, we begin to understand our relationship with this planet… with each other, with the universe and with money.

Yups, so be sincere , spend wisely and do not always think ‘You pay for it, you have money, i don’t have money’ because, you already cursed yourself to have no money, and praying for the other person to have money. ha ha..Well think about it, you will realize how true it is.

Money Money money…Must be funny…:D..Nighty nite beautiful people 🙂

Why aren’t you rich yet?

I have been busy applying the law of attraction in my life lately, and it does bring so much positive things, more happiness,things achieved and i can say most things i listed down come easily to me.

Law of attraction is to practice the positive thinking in life. When I wanted things badly at the same time I had literally no idea how would I get it, just that I attracted what I wanted, and eventually one fine day, it was right in front of me.

But, personally, i do not totally believe that all the things i wanted; i get , because i have been practicing the Law of attraction. Above all, there is God. Keep that in mind 🙂

And i am now reading on Law of abundance which is really interesting (well, it never do you any harm to get some knowledge from other people knowledge 🙂 ). Some points which is really interesting is on how you act towards money.

Why you still poor even with all your hard work (or is it really a ‘hard work’? )

The first corollary of the Law of Abundance says that, “People become wealthy because they decide to become wealthy.”

They become wealthy because they believe they have the ability to become wealthy. Because they believe this completely, they act accordingly. They consistently take the necessary actions that turn their beliefs into realities. And you can always tell what your beliefs really are by looking at your actions. There is no other way.

The second corollary of this law says: “People are poor because they have not yet decided to become rich.”

I strongly believe that! Well, most people blame so many things for their money constraints, and they had been busying blaming others while others make their way to success ..:P. Ah, maybe Disney World Packages can be easily come to me after i finish reading this chapter!

Review Your Reasons
Why aren’t you rich already? Write down all the reasons you can think of. Go over your answers one by one with someone who knows you well and ask them for their opinion. You may be surprised to find that your reasons are mostly excuses that you have fallen in love with.

Whatever your reasons or excuses, you can now get rid of them. The world is full of hundreds and thousands of people who have had far more difficulties to overcome than you could ever imagine, and they’ve gone on to be successful anyway. So can you.

okay people, i got to finish this chapter! he he

Saturday Post

Uh hu! Two more weeks ey? Yep, i haven’t figure out how am i going to pack all my stuffs back to Sabah..Keep thinking and thinking and fell asleep…Hehehehe 😛

I already check some studio apartment nearby Lintas area, and found that properties in Sabah really expensive :(..Haih…I haven’t figure out my car , and aishh…moving is really a headache, not to mention thousands bucks will kiss me goodbye for the house thingy, car thingy and lots more…

To keep myself positive will me my new studio apartment, which will be my new cute place..hehe…I already have my designs for it and hope it will be as nice as i imagine :P..well i might will end up stying in a Camping tents if my apartment hasn’t ready yet right before i come back..ouch!

yayy, and i bought myself a book  entitle  Project Management for Information System from UK, and they already ship it! Well its very hard to find book in Sabah, plus its very expensive! I check the book at Kinokunya KLCC last Wednesday, and it cost me RM380! Urgh..I wonder why in Malaysia, book is really expensive..:(

OK its Saturday, and the sun finally shining! I’m gonna start with my Packing Project again!

Singapore Discovers How To Turn Carbon Dioxide Into Methanol!

Yea you read the title right! They has just made an enormous contribution to relieving the world’s debt to the environment! Finally ey finally…

Well i remember how i have this stomach ache everytime i sit for my Chemistry paper back to my college year, now i understand how important it is!ha ha.

In the international chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie, the IBN researchers report that by using organocatalysts, they activated carbon dioxide in a mild and non-toxic process to produce methanol, a widely used industrial feedstock and clean-burning biofuel.

The scientists made carbon dioxide react by using N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCs), a novel organocatalyst. In contrast to heavy metal catalysts that contain toxic and unstable components, NHCs are stable, even in the presence of oxygen. Hence, the reaction with NHCs and carbon dioxide can take place under mild conditions in dry air.

Err…maybe we can just pretend to understand those technical term they are using there. far as i remember two H to add 1 O will produce water! Ha ha ha…Yayy..maybe i will need to reward myself some beaded lanyards for still remember that! 😛

Well malaysian, apa tunggu lagi? Singapore is just the third smallest sovereign nation in the world, and they can make such a BIG THING? Lets show the world that MALAYSIA BOLEH..boleh?

But i hope they won’t turn all CO2 to methanol, because the plants will need some for their photosynthesis thingy 🙂

CO2 to methanol conversion process is a pretty interesting concept; I’d like to see how cost/energy efficient it is. It would also be interesting to see what type of scale this process could operate on. 

The Impossible people?

Most people with personality disorders have what is sometimes referred to as “disorders of the self,” because they often don’t believe that there is anything wrong with them. They think, “This is me,” or “This is the way I have always been,” and self-preservation makes them want to stay that way.

Mostly you will have to agree on everything, and well eventually, you will grow tired..and tired and give up. And it will always be your fault when you try to discuss or talk about something, which you really want to scream on their face or maybe learn some martial arts and do some exercise with them!

Here are some good guide to deal with impossible people:

Understand that it’s not you, it’s them. This can be surprisingly difficult, considering that impossible people have complete mastery of blaming skills. If you’re dealing with an impossible person, you’re probably being told on a regular basis that every conceivable thing is your fault. It isn’t. As the saying goes, “It takes two to tango.” Chances are, the more often they blame you, the more they themselves are actually at fault. Keep in mind that this is not to be used as a way to blame them. Blaming is what impossible people do, and they do it well. Instead, you are only facing the facts, for your own sake. That being said, here’s a simple way to tell: If you accept responsibility for your own faults and resolve to improve yourself, it’s probably not you. Remember, impossible people can do no wrong.

Defuse them. Stay calm, and don’t spit angry words at them, whatever you do don’t cry – this will only stimulate them to do more of the difficult behavior. Try ignoring them. Try looking away or starting another conversation, with a totally different topic. Find something you can agree with or praise them for. Do not, under any circumstances, join them in bashing, blaming or complaining. Do not bad talk to their face or to anyone else because then you are sinking down to their level. Add something positive. Redirect by focusing on something, anything, positive in the situation or in the conversation. Whatever you do just stay calm!

Be the opposite of them: a possible person. Live as an example of tolerance, patience, humility, and even some kindness (as difficult as that may be)–because these are all the things that the impossible person is not or not very good at. We are all influenced by the people in our environment–they don’t have to be perfect all the time and neither do you. Give respect because you are human. If you don’t receive respect, that’s -sadly- their problem. Give understanding, and you get understanding. Ultimately this sort of behavior is probably the only thing that might possibly get through to them. They may not change in everything, but you can safely expect a change.

And yea…when you really tired..and giving up…because they are IMPOSSIBLE person!!

Understand that eventually, you and the impossible person will have to part ways. Whether they are a friend, a boss, a parent, even a spouse, the time to leave will eventually manifest. Maintaining a relationship with an impossible person is, literally, impossible. If you can’t (or won’t) make a physical departure immediately, make a mental one. In your mind, you’ve already left the relationship. The only thing left to do is wait for physical reality to reflect that fact.

The power of prayer…

 I receive one email today and this, i really think worth sharing 🙂

In September 1960, I woke up one morning with six hungry babies and just 75 cents in my pocket.

Their father was gone.

The boys ranged from three months to seven years; their sister was two.

Their Dad had never been much more than a presence they feared.

Whenever they heard his tires crunch on the gravel driveway they would scramble to hide under their beds.

He did manage to leave $15 a week to buy groceries.

Now that he had decided to leave, there would be no more beatings, but no food either.

If there was a welfare system in effect in southern Indiana at that time, I certainly knew nothing about it.

I scrubbed the kids until they looked brand new and then put on my best homemade dress, loaded them into the rusty old 51 Chevy and drove off to find a job.

The seven of us went to every factory, store and restaurant in our small town.

No luck.

The kids stayed crammed into the car and tried to be quiet while I tried to convince who ever would listen that I was willing to learn or do anything. I had to have a job.

Still no luck. The last place we went to, just a few miles out of town, was an old Root Beer Barrel drive-in that had been converted to a truck stop.

It was called the Big Wheel.

An old lady named Granny owned the place and she peeked out of the window from time to time at all those kids.

She needed someone on the graveyard shift, 11 at night until seven in the morning.

She paid 65 cents an hour, and I could start that night.

I raced home and called the teenager down the street that baby-sat for people.

I bargained with her to come and sleep on my sofa for a dollar a night.

She could arrive with her pajamas on and the kids would already be asleep

This seemed like a good arrangement to her, so we made a deal.

That night when the little ones and I knelt to say our prayers, we all thanked God for finding Mommy a job. And so I started at the Big Wheel.

When I got home in the mornings I woke the baby-sitter up and sent her home with one dollar of my tip money– fully half of what I averaged every night.

As the weeks went by, heating bills added a strain to my meager wage.

The tires on the old Chevy had the consistency of penny balloons and began to leak. I had to fill them with air on the way to work and again every morning before I could go home.

One bleak fall morning, I dragged myself to the car to go home and found four tires in the back seat. New tires!

There was no note, no nothing, just those beautiful brand new tires.

Had angels taken up residence in Indiana ? I wondered.

I made a deal with the local service station.

In exchange for his mounting the new tires, I would clean up his office.

I remember it took me a lot longer to scrub his floor than it did for him to do the tires.

I was now working six nights instead of five and it still wasn’t enough.

Christmas was coming and I knew there would be no money for toys for the kids ..

I found a can of red paint and started repairing and painting some old toys. Then I hid them in the basement so there would be something for Santa to deliver on Christmas morning.

Clothes were a worry too. I was sewing patches on top of patches on the boys pants and soon they would be too far gone to repair.

On Christmas Eve the usual customers were drinking coffee in the Big Wheel. There were the truckers, Les, Frank, and Jim, and a state trooper named Joe.

A few musicians were hanging around after a gig at the Legion and were dropping nickels in the pinball machine.

The regulars all just sat around and talked through the wee hours of the morning and then left to get home before the sun came up.

When it was time for me to go home at seven o’clock on Christmas morning, to my amazement, my old battered Chevy was filled full to the top with boxes of all shapes and sizes.

I quickly opened the driver’s side door, crawled inside and kneeled in the front facing the back seat.

Reaching back, I pulled off the lid of the top box.

Inside was whole case of little blue jeans, sizes 2-10!

I looked inside another box: It was full of shirts to go with the jeans.

Then I peeked inside some of the other boxes. There was candy and nuts and bananas and bags of groceries. There was an enormous ham for baking, and canned vegetables and potatoes.
There was pudding and Jell-O and cookies, pie filling and flour. There was whole bag of laundry supplies and cleaning items.

And there were five toy trucks and one beautiful little doll.

As I drove back through empty streets as the sun slowly rose on the most amazing Christmas Day of my life, I was sobbing with gratitude.

And I will never forget the joy on the faces of my little ones that precious morning.

Yes, there were angels in Indiana that long-ago December. And they all hung out at the Big Wheel truck stop.

THE POWER OF PRAYER. I believe that God only gives three answers to prayer:

1. ‘Yes!’
2. ‘Not yet.’
3! ‘I have something better in mind.’

God still sits on the throne, and the devil is a liar.

You may be going through a tough time right now but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that you cannot imagine.