Money is a never ending topic to talk with..people need money, people waste money and people abuse money. myself…hmmm.. i am the type of person who will only use my money with something that really worth for it.ha ha…and i love spending my money for some Educational kids toys rather than buying expensive sun glass..:P

‘Women : Earn and save’
‘Girl       : Spend, spend , spend’

When i keep thinking about all the expenses, savings, bills i need to pay, i am used to be so stress out. But when you learn how to feel towards money, you will act and think differently. And money will just be there when you need them. Well, not saying that you don’t have to do anything, but something like, there will be a way.

And be sincere with money. believe in ‘What goes around comes around’. if you too stingy to spend money for others, maybe the money will be so reluctantly go nearby you? or maybe you spend money to others but you tell the whole world about it? Or maybe you go to some reunion, and just hoping someone will pay the bills because you don’t have money?

Well things like that.

When people keep being mad with their always-don’t-have-money, they failed to think. What have they done to make the opportunity come closer. 

What makes the difference in our feelings about money is how we choose to use our FREE-WILL in handling money and any other resource that’s been given to us.
In other words – don’t blame the resources because of how we have decided to use them. We create and are responsible for our own greed and mis-use of these resources… not the resources themselves. They are totally innocent of our decisions.
When we come to understand this, and put it in perspective, we begin to understand our relationship with this planet… with each other, with the universe and with money.

Yups, so be sincere , spend wisely and do not always think ‘You pay for it, you have money, i don’t have money’ because, you already cursed yourself to have no money, and praying for the other person to have money. ha ha..Well think about it, you will realize how true it is.

Money Money money…Must be funny…:D..Nighty nite beautiful people 🙂

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