I am not into football sooo much, but yea, i watch the games here and there…know some of the heroes and forget them after the match :D…

One of my fav is the cute Christiano himself..aww! he he..but funny thing is, i barely know him. Well, i can just google him, but hmmm..i don’t know, maybe ii am not that hard core fan…and when i googled him (while i wrote this post)…WAW!…thousands of pages with his name! Everyone adores him ey?

Watched Portugal (7) Vs Korea (0) last Monday and WAW! again Christiano did one very cute goal…it’s really cute!! ha ha…oh i embed the video of him scoring his cute goal 🙂

What Ronaldo’s bank account receives in a week takes the average worker five to six years to earn. Then again, the average worker can’t score from forty yards..he he.. The thieving bankers take millions for themselves and play golf, that most twisted of Freudian perversions (little balls and little holes). At least Ronaldo has to run for his money. Hmm maybe if i sell CO2 fire extinguishers
it will take me about 50 years to be a bit closer on what he earn a week :D..


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