Month: July 2010

When In Sabah :)

I keep on reminding myself that i haven’t even reach 1 month stying here and Do Not conclude anything yet! ha ha..but yea, i love describing everything around me..what i think and what i see..

What i really hate it here is the pedestrian ! okay, not ALL of them, but those who always give me heart attack! i don’t get it, that MOST of the pedestrian will just crossing the road without any warning, and well out of nowhere…i will have to do my emergency break every time! I don’t understand why, they just don’t want to be careful, i mean just please do not do that! Don’t just suddenly crossing the road, like as if, you’re not there-driving through! urgh!

Where i stay, is a brand new apartment with a very urban style design. With those fantastic mirror wall for the units and so on..But guess what, my neighbor downstairs, put all his family’s shoes, slipper and so on, on the stairs, which we have to use everyday to go to our unit! They should think of other people safely, what is someone is carrying things to go up, and suddenly stepped on those shoes? hissss…i am so very marah! They should just buy camping equipment and put a camping zone outside the unit!

Oh i do not mean i hate Sabah no no….i love Sabah.. I was just mentioning on some situation that i hate it here..well it can be happen to anyone anywhere also bah.. 🙂

But when you are in your land, you will feel welcome everywhere you go. Understand each other jokes and stories. i heart Sabah!

Flying Donkey?

The police hunt cruel Russian donkey owner who attached it to parachute for sick advertising stunt:

This is just so sick and only the most stupid being will ever think of! For the sake of attracting people into parasailing at a private beach club, they tied up a donkey into a parachute and drag it all the way until it ‘flying’…

The animal eventually landed back on the shoreline in an ‘atrocious manner’ after being dragged through the water at the Sea of Asov resort.
Sunbathers rushed to rescue the frightened donkey and were lucky to stop it from drowning.

Maybe it is lucky for me to not to witness such a tragedy. I would really want to know, what is the Donkey owner had in mind? He should be punish for lifetime sentence, maybe put in his ID on something like ‘The looser donkey owner’. Hmm maybe we need to add in those function on id card software so that everytime someone do such sick thing, so, easy to just it in their ID forever! urgh!

‘The donkey screamed and children cried,’ Krasnodar regional police spokeswoman Larisa Tuchkova told the AFP news agency. According to the paper, Taman, the donkey flew so high that children on the beach cried and asked their parents: ‘Why did they tie a doggy to a parachute?’

so sad..It’s an extremely despicable event…Hope the Donkey can get over the trauma..


Last friday nite, went for a movie at 1Borneo with my friend Ladyia, for our movie day out. Well, wasn’t being planned, so we actually haven’t decided on what movie to watch. So we reached at the Cinema and check the movie lists, and saw Amanda Seyfried..and…we love the movie..he he

If the one you love was lying to you, how far would you go to find out the truth?

After decided on the movie, we queue up to buy the tickets. Just few seconds, its our turn.

Me : Chloe (Chloë ) for 2 please
Counter Girl : Okay checking on ‘klo’ ( or ‘law’or ‘klou’)

Me : Um..what this Chloë move is all about?
C.G : I haven’t watched this klo movie. Which seat miss?

Me : That one..ya…at the back..Hmm..Chloë (stressing on the pronounciation) must be very interesting movie yea?

C.G : Must be. Here you go. Enjoy the klo!

Urgh!unsatisfied me. Why did she keep on saying KLO? I tried to check on her name but i can’t really see it. maybe something wrong with the badge printer, so blur la the name..He he..

Starring: Liam Neeson, Julianne Moore, Amanda Seyfried, Max Thieriot, Laura DeCarteret, Nina Dobrev

Atom Egoyan’s remake of the French thriller “Nathalie…” The project centers on a married woman (Julianne Moore) who hires a prostitute (Amanda Seyfried) to find out whether her husband (Liam Neeson) is cheating on her. The prostitute, however, cons her about the nature of her husband’s fidelity, a move that puts the family in jeopardy.

I adore how Amanda Seyfried  carry the prostitute role..aww..she’s so adorable..still remember her charm on mama mia…

Facebook defriend

A friend told me today that a friend of her had removed her from his Facebook Friend List. And telling everyone that he had defriend her. (That’s so eww rite! ha ha)
Without knowing what she had done, until he defriend her, and telling everyone, she just trying to analyze everything and trying to figure it out. Waw, look how social media can do nowadays..someone can show off his/her childish unmature behaviour just like that..eww..defriend in facebook showing that you hate the person..ha ha..Such a funny act..well especially for a man of course..(well woman tend to be emotional sometimes..hehehee). Oh and my friend told me : ‘Oh i don’t care anyway, he has nothing good to do with me’ Well i am kind of agree with that..ha ha..

Maybe there’s a lot of pro and cons in social media, and it contribute to some emotional feeling as well. i would say that it is strange enough for some people to use online social media to express their feelings on something. Like you hate her, you defriend her. Eww! Well unless that person really had do something that threaten you and your family maybe..then that ‘friend’ need to be deleted- Permanently.

I am interested with the term ‘Wominnovation’ in social media. In this century, we can even call social media as learning toys where kids nowadays learn a lot of things just from social media. Oh back to Wominnovation, it turns out that sociolinguists have found women to be innovators when it comes to communication, especially with new forms of languages. The shift from “ye” to “you” in 15th Century England? Women were behind it. Common phrases such as, “Like, ohmigod,” known as Valley Girl uptalk, were started by young women from California. And in the mid-20th century a group of young women from Oberwart, Austria shifted the primary language of a bilingual community from Hungarian to German, which was a powerful move in a community that had resisted the influence of the German language for close to 400 years.

And there you go..we have lots of new words created fro social media shotr form. And lots of younger generation even think that its the correct word. Cannot really blame them on that rite…

Well so..yea..back to my defriended friend..i don’t know how to comment..just..Uhm..for me personally, i don’t care, because think again…Hey its just a social media..a second life for some people..I have my own great life..have you? 😀

P/S checking if someone defriend me on facebook..hmm

Anger management?

Today is my apartment cleaning day..! horray! finally ey..hehe…There is still some plumbing need to be completed but, we’ll just clean it first and wait until they fix the plumbing ..ha ha luckly all will complete and i don’t have to buy my camping gear ! :D..

Oh i had read something interesting today on how to manage your emotion in most difficult time..Hmm well i have to read it as it is compulsory in my proffession. To handle a team is not an easy task.  No one will like you, when you have to give instruction. Most will talk behind you when you plan something which will involve them, and yea…they will hate you..

I came accross a chapter when it tells that when you about to burst in anger, avoid conversation. Ya, AVOID CONVERSATION. because you will be tend to say something so terrible, that makes you regret afterwards.

And i agree with it! For me when i am in anger, i will just ignore, and choose to be silent. because i don’t trust my own mouth..ha ha..Well, its better to hold my tounge rather than it will hurt other people (which sometimes i really wish i could hurt them! ha ha) .

Brought up in a familily who will directly say something when something is not wrong, and discuss about it, sometimes its hard to keep all the things i need to say when with other people. with my family we could just say anything, and noone will hurt. i mean it could be hurting, but…we all use to take it as an advice..

But, well, sometimes i have to keep things in me. For the sake of other people and for the sake of..umm i don’t know..ignorance? So that’s when the anger management skill will come in..ha ha. And i think i did a good one before.. 🙂
Ah! sometimes new environment is good..Changing my entire life back to Sabah really a good change..Yup, being someone with my own rules in life,sometimes i tend to expect other people to play by my rule..blame it to my zodiac..ha ha..

So much things to be done here..and with my beloved families, something good had been planned! well, who know rite..Where there is a will..there is a way . I am a great believer on that!

Sold: Story of Modern-day Slavery

I found this book while checking a bookstore at Timesquare last month..I was actually looking for a book, about a little girl being sold by her mother, but couldn’t remember the title..haiya…i am very keen to read that book..Anyway, i asked the staff there to look for a book entitle SOLD and there’s a little girl on the cover. He check on the system, and said that the book sold is under woman eductaion, something like thatla..then i said..ok la..just let me check that book first..

The book was awesome!

Zana Muhsen (born 1965) and her sister, Nadia (born 1966) were sisters of Yemeni and british origin who were born and brought up in Birmingham, England. They were sent to Yemen in 1980 on a purported holiday to meet the paternal side of their family, but sold unaware into marriage in by their father, Muthanna Muhsen, a Yemeni émigré.

Its a true story and i can’t stop wondering, why a father can do such thing to his little girls! Looking at their photos taken by journalist, Eileen McDonald, i can imagine days that they have to go through everyday. Not even know their husband, far from loving them, being rape by their so called husband and getting so much impossible housework…omg.

My heart cry when the writer explained every details on all the days she have to live with. After 6 years she finally reunite with her mother, and with the help of so many people, she finally back to England.

After being reunited with her mother, Zana expressed unhappiness in England, and was quoted by McDonald, “I want to go back to Taiz [where she had lived in Yemen] and get a job. I will visit England when I want to. I am not sure I want to be a British woman anyway. I don’t like the short skirts; it’s disgusting.”However, she remained in England and in 1992, wrote Sold: Story of Modern-day Slavery with the ghostwriter Andrew Crofts, describing her experiences.

A very sad story yet can learn so many things from it. Well, sometimes, we took things for granted, even when getting wooden toys for a birthday gift, we will just put it aside and never appreciate it. Do you know that Zana’s child only use muds and dusts as a toy? Yep, she has a son, but she has to leave him there when she returned to England. The Yamen government forbid her to take her son with her to england.

Morning post

Day started early early as 5.30 and goes on until 12midnight..It’s been my second week, and seems like i had accepted that i am really in Sabah now..ha ha..Life started to be busy again, and  i will move to my new apartment this weekend, yayy…

Its a small but cute place. The design is really urban style and they have the smart home system as well. Well, mean that i can leave my video message while i am not at home. Cute ey? He he…

Now i realize that when I wake up early, there’s so many thing I can do..I can even go to gym, reading, watching TV in a same day! I love it! 🙂

…Okays time to start my day…:P

Gym lover…to be.. :D

Ever since i move to Sabah, the new lifestlye applied..ha ha…one of it is to get myself healthy, get rid of all my unwanted exceeded fats, and keep fit! Well, pulling myself to the gym, doing stepbox, aerobic and i-don’t-know what else they called it, and yea, start working..

This is my first week, and ouch…my body really aching..the first seassion, i didn’t even finish it, but yayyy, the second session (which was yesterday), i manage to finish it all! **clap**clap**

But, my body aching now…yep, because of my lack of stamina i guess…my back, my knee, my stomac and even my fingers..hahah…But NO PAIN NO GAIN ain’t they?

very lucky of me, my bunch of friends here loves excercise and adore healthy its easy for me to slowly achieve my target weight and healthy lifestyle..Ah, at least when i feel so malas for excercise, they will still drag me..ha ha…aww..i love my friends..

So ..hmm next will be my every evening jogging routine…but after i get myself fit sikit la…if not..nanti pengsan how? 😀


Sabah is a blessed place

It had been a while since i really browse my facebook. Just update anything via twitter (which is linked to my facebook account). Hmm yea, i am not a fan of facebook, haven’t even play any of the games inside, and, yea, i spend like 5 min browsing my facebook everytime i think of it..Ha ha..

Life had changed slowly now, and i am full with determination! Its a big thing that i pack my stuffs, and move to sabah, and i am not going to waste any of it. I know the reason i go back, and i should achieve it slowly, slow and steady :D..

Lots of oppurturnities here…A LOT..Maybe people just take it for granted on everything, and they did not see lots of big things is actually going on at Sabah. Not going to elaborate more here  but, yes, .I come back for good, and for the good..ha ha..

It always hard to make the first move, but noone will gain anything if you always cling to someone to live. And you know you can’t make any change if you keep on doing it, not going to go out from the comfort zone, stay where you are and hope miracle can happen…ah..hahaha…i am just trying to motivate myself..

gotta go…

The first few days here…

yea…im back to my land…the land below the wind 🙂

Leaving the big city, with all the excitment all the friends and love one..well…it never feel good..trus me ..never..but, some change must be done..or else, i will stuck with that life forever…and i am not really proud of it..I will be lying if i say, everything is good and exciting here…hmm…well, i am still stying to adjust myself here, and it’s kinda hard…But well, it’s just not even a week, so ha ha…chayokk!

Haven’t got my car, and it’s hard for me to just go anywhere. Luckly i have my good friend with me, encourage me all the way, giving me space on her own house and yea…blessed her…he he..Not so busy week for me , but the adjustment makes me dizzy all the time 😀

There’s a lot to catch up, and a lot to learn..but i know, sooner or later i’ll be good…Well, this is the challenge i am waiting for, isn’t it? he he..