Been off from blogging for 2 weeks, due to lots of outside activities that takes lots of my time , he he..Not because i’m buzy with books or works, which im proudly say, I AM NOT. well lots to do, but i had learn that its not the task that makes us sort of ‘busy’, but because our failure to manage our time. So yep, i have tons of work to do, yet i still have time to hang out with the girls, shopping, jogging, lepaking and stuffs 🙂 . So i consider myself as IMPROVED in managing my time..he he

,,I just spent my wonderful holiday at kampung for merdeka holiday and it really good!
..and i also had finish reading EAT PRAY LOVE..

it feel exciting to spend days at kampung!
I love my land..and it really makes me sad to hear someone selling their land, in exchange for money. well, i am not saying that money is not important, but is it the only way? How about long term plan, how about working hard, how about be creative? How i wish i could have millions of money to buy those land, and not to have to go to the outsiders. Again, i love my land.

There’a a story from a business man back in KL, he said: “Sabahan people is stupid. They sells their land for rm90K, happily smiling to get their money. Guess what…i buy the land, and sell it for 500K. That’s an easy money!”

Somehow, i think, we local takes things for granted. And i hate to admit that.  But that’s what we are. And it’s even funny to hear that some sells the land to have a beautiful wedding? oh my! Are we local…crazy?

..i don’t know, and i am sad..I pray that one day the next generation won’t have to build 1000storeys apartments : they don’t have enough land to stay…because my generation had sold it to outsiders!

we are so pathetic ain’t we?

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