I am looking for a book entitle ‘If you want to be rich and happy, don’t go to school’. Yep, the title sound weird, but read the synopsis I found that the book really interesting, and worth to read.

Its something about how people interpret SCHOOL. A place where student MUST listen to what the teacher said, no argument and just LISTEN. Well this mostly apply in Asia school, where the social hierarchy is having the teacher on one of the most important and honored place.

I am not saying that I totally reject the education system, in this country especially. Please don’t get me wrong. My point is that, the system should be more open and practice 2 ways communications. Like student can argue with the solution with teacher and so do the teacher can ask student on the significant of the answer he or she gave.

Being Dusun (how I proud to be a Dusun), my grandparents teach me not to question anything but just do as we told by someone older than us. Never satisfied, but nothing I can do J. I am just a little girl back then.

I remember when me and my younger sister went to kebun with my grandma, she told us to ‘don’t talk’ when we pass by certain places, which according to my grandma, ‘they’ are having breakfast. I will really holding my breath, and walk without making any noise, because I will do as I told, without any question. Well, who dare to say to no my grandma ha ha. But being the notorious one, and I think she have unlimited question as a child, my sister, she will put both her palm on her mouth and say : I won’t talk, but can I breath? Or can I pick that funny leave, will they eat me if I do that? Ok I won’t talk, but the mosquitoes really annoying, eh if they can listen to us, then they can listen to the mosquitoes, why the mosquito’s grandma never ask them to keep quiet?

Ya, she will keep on asking can I this, can I that, until my grandma, slap her mouth in anger. Ha ha ha…

I remember my grandpa have 3 buffaloes which we nickname each one of them, ala but I kind of forget the names he he. One of it is Laning, a Dusun name my grandpa gave. Every morning my grandpa will check them to make sure they are okay, and once a while he will ask me to give a salt to them,. Like put a salt on my palm, and show it to the buffaloes. They will start licking my little palm and it feel so weird..I usually don’t like it, and I will throw the salt on the ground, and the buffalo will lick it from the ground.

My grandpa says, having the buffalo licking my palm will make her love me more. She will know that I am her master and she will gave birth with lots and beautiful baby buffalo. The baby will grow into large and very heavy mama buffalo, and I can sell it, when I need money for my college.

I never realize all his plans back then. Only now, I realize how he had planned for everything. he never go to any project management school, or financial plan class. I must mention here that my grandparents never go to school. My grandpa is very good in math, he can read and write. Yep, he lives to learn, and to experience everything. He gets unlimited answers for all his curiosity, and never has to choose A, B C or D, like in school.

He never had to worry how he makes his coffee. He can put sugar or salt. I was 9 when I said, teacher said coffee must go with sugar not salt. He said, because the teacher likes the taste. And you never try to use other because teacher only says with sugar. Well, back then, I always thought my teacher is far more educated compare to my grandpa, so I just do as my teacher told us (well, I never like the taste of coffee and salt anyway he he).But think about it now, my grandpa is a genius. Ah how i miss him 🙁

Not to encourage the young one NOT to go to school,they have to go to school, to get basic education. But the parents should put more effort to let their children learn and experience life naturally. Gives them space to think, discover and voice their thought. This can create better quality generation in future.

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  1. HI,
    I like this post of yours. 10 years back, I have a copy for my self and it did change the way I think of education. Now that I have 2 young boys, I am homeschooling them as best as I could. All of us learning from each other – there is no hierarchy is our system. The children learn to respect me because they feel that I helped them to understand the world and I respect my children as they helped me to make them understand what they need. 🙂

    I hope you do get that copy, it is a great collection of all times.

  2. hi joandarcy;

    Thanks for dropping by!

    waw its really tough to homeschooling 2 boys? 🙂

    I am just wondering how will be their social life if they did not mixed up with other kids their age?

    I will definitely get the book!

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