Month: March 2011

SPM result- Moment of truth? :)

While i am writing this post, i am waiting for my laundry and drying the floor i just mopped..That’s the bless when you work at home 🙂

2011 is the year of experimenting. I want to really go ahead and do what i wanted to do, without have to think about all the ‘what ifs’ and all my savings, bills and so on. And yea, money didn’t come everymonth like it did when i was working with other company, but i can really sit down and manage my so called business, think about all possibilities and see the flow. Well people, that’s the basic things about business, ain’t it? But yes, i had backup  plan for everything, so i will be safe 🙂

Today all students who sit for their SPM exam last year will having their moment of truth. Haha, it was 10 years ago for me, but i always remember how it feels. nervous and excited, but at the same time its killing me. As a student, i know, it’s all about how many As 🙂 and university.

It’s important to give yourself a very strong basic in education. It is important-but it’s not everything. I remember my 11 years in primary and secondary school, i always wanted to be the best. I think in one stage i did it. My name was on the school / District Best Student. And i can kill to get that tittle before. Ha ha. But actually thinking back, it doesn’t mean anything now. It’s all about are your really wise enough to choose the best path in your life?

But i never really agree when some people says you don’t have to have a good education background to success. In some case, yep, some people success without having to go to college or university. But how many percent of them? You see, having a very strong education background is really good, because you can be exposed with so many things while you taking your diploma or degree. And it helps you to develop your sense of living skills, business mind, managing skills and so on. You live and talk to other ambitious people and it will make you more expose to the world.

I would say, if you are not a genius, then stay at school, learn as much as you can! But, open up your mind to learn more than what you learn in school. You can start thinking and planning about your life as early as 18, or wait until you reach 30 and only declare that you are finally started to think about life seriously.

How to be the popular babe on town

Well girls, here you go 🙂

Make a good first impression on everybody you meet. First impressions can make you or break you and you want every person you meet to remember you, in a good way. Remember you only get one chance to make a first impression.

Make an effort to stay in style. Try wearing makeup, or making a signature accessory.

Be confident. Stop thinking you are ugly or that you aren’t cool enough. Everyone is either beautiful on the inside, outside, or both. Be comfortable with that!

Know the guys.Talk to the popular/friendly/kind guys and don’t be afraid. Also, be flirty! he  he

Stay Fit and try working out a little bit. Trying different sports is a great chance to meet new people especially the guys.

…last but not least..Don’t copy other girls. This will make you seem like a wannabe!

Aminulrasyid trial

It almost had  been a year since Aminulrasyid case trial. I had been following this case and everytime reading it, my heart cry. And i can’t imagine how his mother feel each time she had to be in the court session and had to bear all the good and bad things people talk about her beloved son.

I can’t comment much on this, as it’s too complicated to really know the situation. I am just sometimes annoyed with Cpl Jenain Subi’s pic, showing that he is all calm and like knowing that he will be ok. I mean, doesn’t he feel any guilt after everything? Aminulrasyid was just 15 yrs old boy, who happen to do some stupid non-harmless thing, get panicked and he deserved to be killed??

What makes really really me sick is the parang the police claim they found in the car. Well people, isn’t it too obvious?

I don’t know, it’s really hard to believe even the police nowadays. Not all but most of them. It’s like they always feel that they are POLICE and they have this right to do anything because they are POLICE. You know, it’s like ‘i’m the boss’ kind of stuffs..

Someone told me and some friends that police usually will just tembak any crime does caught  red handed, because it is a waste of government’s money to put them into jail, with all the trial and stuffs. Disgusting? Yea, really. I don’t know how true is the story but that’s just what we had been told.

Do they ever think of any possibility that it will happen to their family? Maybe they just some teenagers who get naughty and yes it is not right. But who are they to play God to take someone’s life just like that? And to those who think it’s a right way to ‘save government money’ maybe it’s time for you to contribute more to the country’s economy!

Aminulrasyid, RIP…