It almost had  been a year since Aminulrasyid case trial. I had been following this case and everytime reading it, my heart cry. And i can’t imagine how his mother feel each time she had to be in the court session and had to bear all the good and bad things people talk about her beloved son.

I can’t comment much on this, as it’s too complicated to really know the situation. I am just sometimes annoyed with Cpl Jenain Subi’s pic, showing that he is all calm and like knowing that he will be ok. I mean, doesn’t he feel any guilt after everything? Aminulrasyid was just 15 yrs old boy, who happen to do some stupid non-harmless thing, get panicked and he deserved to be killed??

What makes really really me sick is the parang the police claim they found in the car. Well people, isn’t it too obvious?

I don’t know, it’s really hard to believe even the police nowadays. Not all but most of them. It’s like they always feel that they are POLICE and they have this right to do anything because they are POLICE. You know, it’s like ‘i’m the boss’ kind of stuffs..

Someone told me and some friends that police usually will just tembak any crime does caught  red handed, because it is a waste of government’s money to put them into jail, with all the trial and stuffs. Disgusting? Yea, really. I don’t know how true is the story but that’s just what we had been told.

Do they ever think of any possibility that it will happen to their family? Maybe they just some teenagers who get naughty and yes it is not right. But who are they to play God to take someone’s life just like that? And to those who think it’s a right way to ‘save government money’ maybe it’s time for you to contribute more to the country’s economy!

Aminulrasyid, RIP… 

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