Went to the vet at Ranau today to send my kitten Miss Stoking for checkup. She was being terrorized by two evil male cat and badly injured 🙁

Ranau do not actually have a private Vet, but do have Jabatan Haiwan where they provide a clinic for animals. Well unlike private vet, they don’t have fancy equipments or proper system for checking, but yea, as long as they provide what they suppose to provide rite..

I went in and greeted by middle age man-which i don’t think is an animal doctor..But experience assistant. yep he checked my kitten lovingly and he knows what he was doing 🙂

While he was checking, a couple came in, both in their 50s i think. The woman ask me : Aiyaa..nekure di gima lo dungau nu? (What’s wrong with your cat?)

For 3 second i was thinking should i reply in Dusun or in Malay? Then maybe to be polite i choose to reply in Dusun. And it took me another 5 second to think what is ‘Actually’ in Dusun language. Well just make my sentence nice 🙂

Unable to figure it out, i reply : Sumakit (Sick) (Or should it actually be Sinumakit? Uh i don’t know.)which is a very straight forward answer. Well, i know that as Dusun, i can’t just reply a word. people will expect that there will be explanations after that.

My brain keep searching for the right words and then sentence to explain. Before i can think any, the man asked : Haro naakan dau? Naakaakan matu do rasun? (Something she eat? Maybe poison?)

Then my brain like an old harddisk spining soundly to think for a words. I was planning to say ‘Attacked by the neighbour’s cat’ – in which unfortunately i don’t know what is neighbour in Dusun. So i said ‘Nokokot di Dungau sabalah walai’  (My late grandma might disowned me if she ever hear me speak Dusun like that)

I dont know. Should i use Nokokot or Kinokot or Kinokoton– but im pretty sure the root word is kokot-which mean bite.

And  Sabalah is actually a Malay word being Dusunized by me which is mean next to in that sentence :P..

And yep, to make things easy for me, i just put on my smiling face and let the couple do all the talking and i just smile,nod and say ‘iri nogi..‘  In English it just mean ‘Yeah’

A visit to the vet really makes me realize how poor my vocabulary in Dusun is. Actually maybe i know what the word is , but when trying to put it into sentence, it will really sound funny, stupid or even rude..haih

And it will take me almost 30secs to reply in Dusun, as i need to think of the right words-right grammar and putting it into sentence.  i am really ashamed with myself!

2 Comments on That’s how i speak my Dusun :(

  1. tata, maybe the correct reply should be "kinokot dih dungau/tungau walai sampaping"

    My Dusun also not as fluent as 10yrs ago & yes I understand your feeling.. Trying to teach my kids Dusun language is my main concern for the time being.. Hopefully they can understand and verse in Dusun although maybe they will not as good as me.. To me the most important thing, our mother tongue will continuously inherit by our future generation..

    So, tidak pa kalu x fluent yg penting it's in our heart kan..

  2. yaaaa! SAMPAPING! Astaga buli2 sy xingat tu word! hahaha…

    Yup klu jumpa urg tua yg cakap dusun perut sy pandai sakit tu..malu! Heheh..

    Ya wajib ajar Dusun tu anak2 skrg..our language endangered sdh!

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