Month: August 2011

Me and my fat cells

Someone ask me: If fat cells have ears and emotion, would you persuade
them you leave u?

I said: No. I need them. They make my curve and make me feel like a beautiful woman.

Be gratefule. Dont hate everything you have. Fat cells are good, as long as you draw your line 😛

Maybe for some people, it would be a very lame excuse for being not-so-slim person like me..But actually that’s how i feel about it 🙂

Yes, i am not as slim as when i was in my early 20s, but maybe my fat cells somehow give me confident and make me look mature..well i guess 🙂

Busy with life..mean im still alive! :)

Did any of you realized that time fly really fast? I mean it seems that I don’t even have any time to organize my task and there goes weekend! I wake up everyday like a robot –working-back-sleep…and never ending story..
Last week was really a ‘GREAT’ week for me, need to get 2 systems done in same deadline. Well, when you do programming and meet client, usually what they were asking is what they WANT not what they NEED. Its frustrating when you didn’t get a chance to define what is WANT and NEED. Well after all it’s their money ain’t it? But cracking my head to the maximum is what I really hate..i know I know… who doesn’t..:)
I am currently learning new programming language as well, plus with what I am using now.  At least I can brag that I am improved in my programming skill..Ha ha..I am currently developing a system to do sort of like an e- calendar where (usually) manager can do 1 month schedule for his/her staffs  on where to go, what time, and stuffs. It is exactly like a Google calendar but customized for your need J.
Oh I definitely will give a link after it completely done..just in case anyone need my service? Heheh..(Promo juga bah !)
 The other one is an Inventory system with a bar scan. Quite challenging when I need to customized client’s need.. I will need another 2 months to deliver…hopefully all done before Christmas L