Month: December 2011

The sweet christmas

And yes, i love Christmas..:)

Life is getting busy lately with all my work,projects, and stuffs. Been busy shopping like a rich girl ha ha for Christmas presents..But that’s the fun of Christmas rite , spending without guilt..Oo just wait for the next month’s wages if wallet gone empty..ha ha..

Besides Christmas, there’s so much things to do. Searching for apartment to buy ($$$  out πŸ™ ), taking care of all my other projects ($$$ comes in), study for my new passion, which i just got my license for it ($$$ Finance), and of course planning for my retirement investment (oh another $$$)..And of course enjoying every minutes waiting for my Bali vacation early next year..hehe..

Ah BALI!! I keep on checking my passport just in case i missed the expiring date. Luckily i still have another 2 years..hehe..All flights had been taken care of..all activities and of course the $$$!

Enjoying BALI, but i can’t wait for the next vacation as well.. ITALY! yayyy..heheh..Its so tiring to work really hard (i mean really), but when i keep on aiming for my ITALY vacation, all my energy come to the max!

I have my BEFORE 30 Lists (B3L), and i’m checking some of it one by one..Life is great when we know what we aim for rite πŸ™‚ .. And of course, when we work hard to achieve our dream..Another 1 year plus for me to ‘check’ all my B3L..i can do it!

Merry Christmas people..May this Christmas brings joy and blessing to all of us ..