I am a System Developer or SD (no i‘m not a house developer 🙂 ), i develop a system
 for people. My main task is to think- to make people’s life easier. My mind exercise more than my 
physical body. 

I studied Computer Science majoring in Multimedia, but I work in the 
Software Engineering field ever since.
Why, i‘m not sure 🙂 . Maybe because I am actually doing better in SE rather than Multimedia?
Or maybe because that’s what God spare for me? What ever it is, i actually love my job,
even though it’s killing me sometimes..

Architect, you plan for the whole building from the building plan to the material.
That’s what System Developer does. A programmer will refer to the plan or in IT 
term Functional Flow to develop a system. But SD is a programmer as well, because 
it’s Malaysia. You do everything.

A programmer doesn’t need to go out and talk with the client or the Boss. But as SD you will
be in the middle. The Client will ask for a Porche with Kancil budget. The Boss will agree 
to deliver Porche to please the Client, and will ask System Developer to use Kancil

So when the Client test drive the Porche, it cannot go as fast as real Porche so 
System Developer has to blame the road condition. The Client will get mad and 
ask for a tecnical report. SD will have to deliver thousand pages of
technical report as detail as possible, while they still need to do the programming
while they still need to attend lots of technical meetings , progress meetings or 
budget meetings.

When most will spent their weekend off job, SD will be thankful to have 2 days more before
weekend end to finish the task.

But when all project done, SD will feel soooooooo good! And that’s the greatest felling of all!