I love reading books about Sabah. I have a few books and still looking for more books. Well, now that i am ‘wiser’ hehe, i choose not to trust all the facts in Buku Sejarah back to school days. I rather look for the original source and read it myself. Recently i read this blog of Ms Tina Kissil about Sabah, and she summarizes it in a way i could easily understand.

Check out her blog at : http://teawith-tina.blogspot.com/2012/06/letter-to-my-anak-buah.html Really interesting!

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  1. woooo…its been long time..busy dating eh ;)…well i love to listen the story telling about Sabah from my grandma…its rather mysterious and adventure…I was lucky enough to able to meet my great grandfather, and lucky enough to listen to his story about antanom, he is such a wise man with a great communication skill even though they never went to scool….now days its hard to find old man such as their generation….

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