Nothing is so good it lasts eternally,
Perfect situations must go wrong,
But this has never yet prevented me,
Wanting far too much,
For far too long,

Looking back,
I could have played it differently,
Won a few more moments,
Who can tell,
But it took time to understand the man,
Now at least I know
I know him well

Wasn’t it good?
(Oh so good)
Wasn’t he fine?
(Oh so fine)
Isn’t it madness,
He can’t be mine?
But in the end
He needs a little bit
More than me,
More security,
He needs his fantasy and freedom,
I know him so well

No-one in your life is with you constantly,
No-one is completely on your side,
And though I’d move my world to be with him,
Still the gap between us is too wide,

Looking back,
(Looking back)
I could have played it differently,
(I could have played it some other way),
Learned about the man,
Before I fell
(I was just a little careless)
But I was ever so much younger then,
(Maybe, so much younger then)
Now at least I know
I know him well

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