Month: October 2012

End of Year End of Month End Of week End of the Day

Left 2 days for November , and i’m busy closing yours truly small business account. And yes, doing account thingy can be so tiring especially when there’s a lot of thing you forget to ‘remind’ yourself.

And juggling between my ‘official’ work and my ‘afterwork’ work really tiring. I have to switch on my official work at 7am in the morning, and close by 7pm at night. By 9pm i’ll start my ‘afterwork’ work until 12+, and send myself to bed.

Weekend will be spent with friends and families. Time for myself? Hmmm..maybe once in a month? But i am happy with my life now hehe-i am not complaining :D. I almost achieve what i need to achieve before i finally turn 30 ha ha. 30 means i will have more responsibility and should focus on building my life rather than building my career, so i need to work extra hard in my 20s so that i can prepare myself for my 30s..hahah thats sound so pelik. whatever. 😀

well i guess the post have to end now – if not my work wont end before the end of the day today,so The End :D..

Happy Sunday everyone!

PHP : Deprecated: mysql_escape_string()

The website that i currently working on now in a final stage where it need to be uploaded and setup at the client’s server.

And i actually just waste my 30 minute trying to figure out what’s went wrong with all my codes after I push the script to production server.

I am using mysql_escape_string() in most of my pages and now i get this error :

How to solve? Simple haha:

mysql_escape_string is not depreciated from 5.3 but, for 4.3.0 and above. So any One using PHP version above/or 4.3.0 should use mysql_real_escape_string

So thats it 🙂

Groupon KK Deal – Facial @ KKTimesquare

Me and my friends had this Groupon addict since early this year. We bought and bought deal after deal even sometimes we didn’t use it bad..bad!
I had purchased quite a few deal myself and some of it are for  facial-to date, i already purchase 4 facial deals from Groupon.

I went to this Skin Beauty Cottage at KK Timesquare (The merchant: Skin Beauty Cottage
Lot 69-1, 1st Floor, Block L, KK Time Square , 88100, Kota Kinabalu,Sabah) yesterday with my friend to redeem our coupon. The deal is RM50 for two person worth RM256.

The premise is at first floor, once we press the bell, the staff let us in and we automatically went to the counter to check our appointment. Once she (the staff) confirm my appointment (with just nodding and say ok) she look at us and said : toilet? In which i answer: Pardon? Again she said : Toilet?..My friend look at her and said yes i need to go to the toilet. Still puzzled, i look at the other staffs and ask : Why would she ask about toilet all in sudden, without saying other words? All i get from the staff is blank stare and she continue doing her work.
I was actually expecting her to enlighten me about the package that we are going to take.But to my disappointment  she didn’t.
And i ask her : So, which one is the package for the Groupon deal? She give me a frame with a list of package, and some add on, and point to the RM99 package. Which is so not true when they should show me RM256 worth package as what they promote in Groupon. Well was already there, so i decide to just give it a try.
Me and my friend went to separate room. The room is quite small but not bad, for small beauty centre.
The facial is overall very ‘stingy’ where the staff only apply a very tiny amount of product to do the facial. But  luckily she did the blackhead removing process. there were no machine used during the whole process, and no  explanation at all. I was expecting that she will tell me what is the process and what it does to my face everytime she apply any product to my face. But No.
It took 1.5 hours yes, but i felt more like going there to sleep rather than getting facial. The way they handle customer is like they just open the beauty centre yesterday. 
My recommendation : I won’t go there anymore for a facial, not worth it. They giving RM256 package with that kind of service, no. Well maybe they didn’t understand, when the deal says : WORTH RM256, mean you should give the RM256 service,  whatever price the customer had paid. It is a trial for the customer and the service provide should take the opportunity to impress as much as they can.
More to come on my Groupon – Fail 😀