Month: November 2013

How to save money on… Kota Kinabalu.

Food in KK is really expensive. You won’t get any complete food if you only have RM3, at least you need to have RM10 on hand if you want to eat outside.

Saving on food is one of the easiest way to do. Some people says when you stay alone, it’s cheaper to eat outside than cook your own meal. But nah, that’s just an excuse actually haha.
I only spend around RM40 weekly to buy groceries and it can lasts more than a week actually. Let me give you some example :
Veggies 1 : RM2 ( for 3 meals)
Vegge 2 : RM 3 ( for 3 meals)
Chicken : RM 4 ( 3 or 4 meals)
10 eggs : RM4.50 (5/6 meals)
frozen food : RM8 ( 8 – 10 meals)
Fish : RM12 (4 -5 meals)
Others : RM10
If you eat outside:
Breakfast ( Mee + telur mata ) + drinks : RM5.50
Lunch  : RM8
Dinner : RM8
If you have RM40, eating outside can lasts u only 2 or 3 days. But if you cook, it can lasts for more than a week.  You only spend RM50 the most per week if you cook. So it’s only maximum around  RM200 per month. And you can eat healthy and delicious food!
Having your meal outside you will spend around RM350 or RM400 monthly. See the difference? You can save up to RM200 per month, which is RM2,400 per year!
And again what you can buy for RM2,400 ? You can settle your life insurance :).
Well it’s an individual choice and i just happen to choose to spend wiser and save a lot so that maybe someday i can live my dream 🙂
Happy Monday people!

Being 30

Being 30 in 2 months plus now and i’m already feel the stress ha ha. I’m no longer so called women-in-their-20s but move a level up :).

When i was in my 20s weekend means go outing having fun with my friends. Thinking which movies haven’t watch, do my hair do my nails.  And after work will waste with hanging out with friends at some cafe.
Now weekend is about planning and executing. Trying to squeeze all the time i have to get more info, knowledge and money :D. Movie day turned to seminars, classes or reading some investment book. Haha. Well looking at the amount of saving in my account , it won’t survived me long enough, and im already 30! 
But of course i will always have time for myself, well i have to reward myself for all the hard work i did hehe. Like going for a cruise this weekend, oh i so can’t wait! 🙂