Being 30 in 2 months plus now and i’m already feel the stress ha ha. I’m no longer so called women-in-their-20s but move a level up :).

When i was in my 20s weekend means go outing having fun with my friends. Thinking which movies haven’t watch, do my hair do my nails.  And after work will waste with hanging out with friends at some cafe.
Now weekend is about planning and executing. Trying to squeeze all the time i have to get more info, knowledge and money :D. Movie day turned to seminars, classes or reading some investment book. Haha. Well looking at the amount of saving in my account , it won’t survived me long enough, and im already 30! 
But of course i will always have time for myself, well i have to reward myself for all the hard work i did hehe. Like going for a cruise this weekend, oh i so can’t wait! 🙂 

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